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Free Sourcetree Download For Mac

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Free Sourcetree Download For Mac Rating: 6,2/10 199 votes

Sourcetree Download Archives. This page lists previous versions of Sourcetree available for download. Older versions may no longer be supported by Atlassian; please see our end-of-life policy for details.

Download SourceTree 2.1.10 Latest – SourceTree 2.1.10 is the quick and very easy way to deal with Git and also Mercurial. Quickly make use of both distributed version control systems from one application.

Collaborate with your GitHub, Bitbucket, and Kiln accounts without leaving the application. Also works with Subversion servers as well! Atlassian has gotten and it is currently cost-free for a limited time! Full-powered DVCS Bid farewell to the command line– utilize the complete capability of Git and Mercurial in the SourceTree desktop app.

Take care of all your repositories, held or neighborhood, via SourceTree’s straightforward user interface. Read: Perfect for novices Streamline DVCS for your team.

Limited firewall Real-time malware detection, speedy cloud-based scanning, URL filtering to block malicious websites: has all the goodies you'd expect from the best antivirus software. Best antivirus for mac os x. A simple two-way firewall helps to keep your system secure. That's just the start. US Prices: • • UK Prices: • •. An application control system can define exactly what runs on your PC, stopping even some brand new and undiscovered malware.

SourceTree 2.1.10 can bring every person up to speed with Git and Mercurial. Create, clone, devote, press, pull, combine, and extra are all just a click away.

Powerful adequate for specialists Make advanced Git and also Mercurial devs even more effective. Review your outward bound and inbound changesets, cherry-pick in between branches, spot handling, rebase, stow away, shelve, and far more. Read: Git-flow and Hg-flow from package Use Git-flow and also Hg-flow easily. Keep your databases cleaner and your development more effective with user-friendly interface to Git and Hg’s ‘branchy’ advancement version. A consistent development procedure, right out of package! Requirements: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10/ Mac OS Latest Version: SourceTree Name: SourceTree Size: 193.91MB Download VyprVPN 2.10 Latest Version.