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Skype For Mac Adding Contact To Groups

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I am running the Skype for Business Mac client, but I'm unable to add contacts as the option is grayed out. I have the latest version of Skype for business installed and have tried reinstalling the Skype for Business client, and choose the Delete Sign-In Info button before signing in but it didn't fix the issue. It also seems like the client is having issues communicating to our exchange server because I can't search for other Skype for business users unless I enter their entire email address, however, I can see my Meetings in the client. Does anyone know what could be causing this issue?

Any help would be appreciated.

Distribution groups can be used as contacts in Skype for Business to allow communication either with an entire group or to identify and communicate with individuals within a group. When you first log in to Skype for Business, you may not have any groups or contacts established. To add groups or individuals, insert the name (or part of the name) in the field that says 'Find someone' at the top of the box just under the avatar. You can add distribution groups ( a group of mail recipients that is addressed as a single recipient) or individuals. W hen you start to type in the box, you will begin to see suggestions. This information is pulling from the Global Address List (GAL or Shared Address Book). Once you locate the group you wish to add, right click on the name and select Add to Contacts List.

Fixed: The Missing Samples dialog would always suggest the default user folder instead of the folder the NKIs are in. Fixed: The frame rate would drop significantly if multiple waveform displays were used on a KSP UI. Changed: Add Activate Library buttons now launch Native Access which now also supports 3rd party Libraries. Como descargar kontakt 5.6.5.

Skype for Business is IM, calling, video calling, sharing and collaboration all rolled into one package. “Add Contact” to add them to your “Other Contacts” group.

To verify that you are selecting the correct distribution group, you can choose See Contact Card. This will allow you to see the members of the list. Once you select Add to Contacts List, the groups that you have added will be displayed. To view all the members of a group, click the arrow to the left of the name to expand the group.