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Frys» Software & Books» Music, Photo & Video Editing» #9205129 Vidbox Video Conversion For Mac Rating: 8,1/10 2765 votes

Original review: Nov. 20, 2018 I bought an Ultra Mobile SIM card on.

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I asked to an agent that SIM will fit in iPhone 8+, he told yes. When I opened the package, I found that it's micro size sim, iPhone 8+ require nano sim. I went to store next day and asked them replace this with nano size sim or cut the sim to nano size, they refused to either replace or cut the sim or refund the money. When I called Ultra Mobile support they told that generally our SIM card comes in all size and store guys should have helped you. Now I have only option left to cut the SIM myself (that have chance of damage) or throw that.

I felt really bad the way store manager responded. Contacted the store the next day and was told this was a Black Friday ad that was released early and they wouldn't deliver it, even though it stated right in the ad that there was free delivery.

I had to come in the store and pick it up. I told them I still wanted it and asked them if they would hold it for me. Flat out told me no, he couldn't do that. I was flabbergasted at the total disregard for what they advertised and that they wouldn't do anything to take care of me. This isn't the first time I have had a terrible experience with these guys and would warn everybody that this company doesn't stick behind their advertising and could care less what we want. Original review: Oct. 27, 2018 I purchased a 75 inch Television at for my wife's surprise birthday.

The television was locally delivered by a nearby Fry's store. The television was dropped off in our garage. The television was removed from the box and inspected by the driver. The television was never plugged in, but the driver had me sign something and left.

Later, when we turned on the TV, a large internal crack that immediately appeared from what I've read was most likely a thermal defect which made the TV unwatchable. I called, and said since it was locally delivered I would have to deal with my local Fry's store if I wanted it replaced.

The following is an account of my experience with Fry's: Day 1: Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back. Day 2: No one called. Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back.

Day 3: No one called. Called Frys, told the Store Manager will call you back.

Day 4: No one called. DROVE down to Fry's, asked for the Store Manager.

Said we will replace your TV, but unfortunately they did not have the same TV in stock, so it may take a few days. Day 5: Received an email ad stating they are having a sale on the SAME TV, SAME MODEL # and it was available at the same store! Mimecast for mac.

Since we're not a fan of being lied to, went down to Fry's and they agreed to have someone replace the TV. Day 6: Driver comes in (same driver who dropped it off!) with new TV. Said needs to inspect old TV. First Takes a bunch of pictures while talking to Store Manager on the phone.

Told me there was that although I was in their 30 day return window, there was nothing they can do, but since there was no external damage they can contact the manufacturer 'on my behalf.' Said they cannot replace the TV and leaves with new TV. 'But don't worry. My store manager will call you back in 24 hours.' Store manager never called. How to download something for windows on a mac computer. If anyone wants a 75' broken TV let me know. Original review: Oct.