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Word For Mac 2016 Page Break Interrupts Numbering

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You can take advantage of a nifty Word feature that allows you to easily pick up numbering where you previously left off. This is great for numbered lists that are interspersed with paragraphs that have a different format. In general, the feature is accessed as follows: • Enter the first portion of your numbered list and format it. For example, if your list has 17 items, and there is a heading after item 4, then you would enter the first four items in the numbered list.

Word For Mac 2016 Page Break Interrupts Numbering

• Enter the heading or paragraph that interrupts the list. • Enter the rest of your numbered list and format it. The list should begin with 1 again. • Right-click on the first paragraph after the list interruption. A Context menu appears.

Microsoft virtual machine for mac. I own the retail version of MS Virtual PC (v7) for Mac, with Windows XP Professional included. From that application I created a XP Virtual Machine (VM) on my Power Mac G5.

The automatic numbering and bulleting features in Microsoft Word can be absolutely maddening. You’ll be happily typing along, making your document look exactly how you like, then suddenly Word decides to unexpectedly add a number or bullet to what you’re writing. Apr 23, 2013 - I have a document with multiple section breaks and over 100 pages. However, this has. For example, when linking section 3 to the first 2 sections, my page numbers went from 4 to 12. Microsoft MVP (Word) since 1999.

• Choose Bullets and Numbering from the Context menu. Frequency table for excel 2016 mac. Word displays the Bullets and Numbering dialog box, with the Numbered tab selected. (See Figure 1.) Figure 1. The Numbered tab of the Bullets and Numbering dialog box.• Choose Continue Previous List at the bottom of the dialog box. • Click on OK. The dialog box disappears and the list numbering is modified.