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How To Upgrade To Office 2016 For Mac

четверг 21 февраля admin 20
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Office 2016 for Mac was designed for teamwork. There’s a new share icon located on the top right corner of the documents you create. With just a few clicks, you can invite people to view your document, manage users, grant editing rights and share!

Using Office 2011 on the Mac is like stepping back in time. Download avg for mac. Although Microsoft has done a good job updating the suite over the years, the overall look and feel of the apps just don't gel with the dramatic changes OS X has seen since 2010. The new apps change that, bringing a user interface that sits somewhere between Windows' ultra-modern look and the traditional layout of Office 2011. Although some may look on in envy at the clean, uncluttered look of the upcoming Windows' Office 2016 suite, the compromise here makes a lot of sense. Yosemite may be flatter and simpler than previous versions of OS X, but it's not Windows 10.

Just transposing the UI over would be extremely jarring for Mac users currently working with Office 2011, or pretty much any OS X productivity application. Similarly, Microsoft has to balance the experience of Mac users coming from Office 2011 with Windows users moving over to Mac Office. Creating a suite that's instantly familiar to both subsets (while still looking good) is no easy feat, but Microsoft has managed it. One small drawback of this compromise is Mac users currently working with the iPad or iPhone versions of Office won't feel completely at home -- there's a legacy here that Microsoft has to support, so the look and feel aren't as modern as on iOS, but that's understandable. Excel, Word and PowerPoint all have this fresh welcome screen, which looks almost identical to the iOS apps. So what's actually changed? Word 2016 envelope printing problems. Well, the Ribbon interface is still there, but it's now cleaner and clearer.

Take Word for example. Sections are clearly labeled, with some efforts made to clarify the headings ('Document Elements' is gone, with its options moving to 'Insert' and 'References'). Options within each section have more modern iconography and everything feels less cluttered. This de-cluttering is apparent throughout the suite. Kind of like, the change looks huge at first, but soon you'll realize that most of it is just window dressing. There are layout tweaks and reshuffles, but if you're switching from, say, Excel 2011 to Excel 2016 you'll still feel at home. And that's a real achievement.

Speaking of Excel, a very welcome change comes in the form of keyboard shortcuts. The app now supports both the CMD-based shortcuts from Office 2011 and the shortcuts that have been present in Windows for decades.

That means, for example, you can copy cells using either Ctrl-C or CMD-C. It's a small change, but one that'll make users switching between Windows and OS X feel right at home. Actually, I get why Excel, with its myriad shortcuts, gets priority on this feature, but it seems like Microsoft could and should implement this across all of the Office apps.