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Outlook For Mac How To Reply Different Color

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Q: My colleagues frequently email questions, and I reply by typing the answers in the original email text directly below each question. To make my responses stand out so they are easier to read, I select each response and apply a red font color, but this process takes time, especially when dozens of questions are involved.

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Is there a quick way to select all of my reply text with one step in Outlook 2013 so I can more easily change the font color to red? A: Outlook enables you to specify the default font and font color used for replies, and this minor adjustment will automatically emphasize your replies. To make this change, select File, Options, Mail, and Stationery and Fonts, and in the resulting Signatures and Stationery dialog box, select the Font button labeled Replying or forwarding messages; select a new font and font color (and other format attributes if desired), and then click OK, OK, OK.

Dec 07, 2009  uses its Track Changes feature to assign a different Automatic (default) font color to each reply in the thread. This causes any text in your reply that is assigned the Automatic font color, including your AutoSignature, to change to a different color. Any help would be appreciated.