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What Is The File Name For Outlook 2011 For Mac

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How To Archive Mailbox Data In Outlook 2011 / 2016 For Mac. On next dialog window type the name of the archive file and select the location on your computer, where the file should be stored. Navigate to File > Import > Outlook for Mac archive file > choose the file.

Update August 18, 2011: It seems in Outlook 2011 SP1 (14.1), Microsoft re-added the.mbox export feature, which previously was deprecated from Entourage. It is now possible to simply drag an Outlook 2011 folder from the list to your desktop, and have an importable Apple Mail.mbox. The rest of the article is left for archiving purposes. Telestream remote desktop presentter download for mac. _________________________________________________________________________ Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac was supposed to be the most compatible release for Mac – but not necessarily the most open.

Microsoft removed folder-dragging mbox exports in Outlook 2011, leaving only an export to a proprietary Outlook 2011.olm file. This essentially locks the e-mail data into Outlook.almost. Exporting Outlook 2011 Mail In Outlook 2011, perform an Edit –> Select All in the folder or Inbox you wish to Export. With patience, click & hold the mouse until you see the number count come up on the cursor.

Then move the cursor over a Finder folder window and release the mouse. Patiently wait while Outlook locks up & churns from exporting the e-mails. There will be no progress bar. This will fill the folder with.eml files of all the e-mails.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Batch Convert & Import Microsoft.eml files into Apple Mail 1. Use registered eml-2-emlx to batch convert the files into an.emlx-based.mbox which Mail supports. Stephan should get back to you within a day if you pay with PayPal. Download eml-2-emlx: 1.1.4 mirror: 2. Quit Apple Mail & manually drop the converted emlx-based.mbox file(s) from eml-2-emlx into the user’s mailbox location (~/Library/Mail/Mailboxes).

Apple Mail’s import function will NOT import the resulting.mbox files from eml-2-emlx. Open Apple Mail & perform a Rebuild of the folder from within Apple Mail. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Individually Importing.eml Files Into Apple Mail Apple Mail has full support for it’s previous mail format standard,.eml x. Apple Mail does not have database support for.eml files – but supports reading & opening (looking at) them. Apple Mail has an internal converter for.eml to.emlx files if you wish to save a.eml file into a Apple Mail folder. When viewing an.eml file in Apple Mail, you can perform Message –> Move To –> * Folder and it will do so. It would also be technically possible to create a folder in Apple Mail, and then drop.emlx files into the Finder location of that folder to manually import existing.emlx files into Apple Mail.

Afterwards in Apple Mail, selecing the mailbox and doing Mailbox –> Rebuild would then update the Mail folder with your newly inserted.emlx files. * Note This project was originally come across from trying to recover a corrupted 20 GB Entourage 2008 Mail Database. It was found that Outlook 2011 could successfully import the corrupted Entourage 2008 Database.


From Outlook 2011, an export was necessary to convert the user to Apple Mail. Under OS X (Lion) Mac Mail supports import of mbox files. So here is how you do it, Step 1. Open Finder and create a new folder Step 2.

Open Outlook for mac 2011 so that you can see BOTH windows at the same time. Drag the folder from Outlook to Finder and drop Step 4. In the finder window you will find a file called something.mbox Step 5. Open Mac Mail and Click on FILE then IMPORT MAIL BOXES – Select the Files in Mbox Format option – then open the folder where you stored your mails in step 3 and then it will import all those mails to Mac Mail. You will find your imported mails under the word IMPORT, then you can move them within Mac Mail to the folders you want. I tried this and it works.

But you have to be running Lion. OK team – I’vve found the answer on how to export Outlook for Mac 2011 emails and get them into the latest version of AppleMail.

A point to note: I just upgraded to Lion. Create a new folder in Finder to put all your email folders into. Open Outlook and click and drag each folder into the above Finder folder. Note: You will need to expand the trees so you drag each folder rather than just master folders. Select the Inbox. Go File/Import Mailboxes and select the last option “Files in format.” Click Continue.

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Locate the above Finder folder into which you’ve dragged your Outlook folders. When you click the folder to import, it will do so. Check in Mail and you will see the folder and it’s email contents will have been imported and placed down the bottom of the left hand side in a folder called “import.” 7.