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How does one import Reunion for Mac gedcom into RM Mac 7? I've made a Reunion gedcom and it is saved in Documents folder I've tried to import into RM, but nothing at all happens. Also how sources import - will they be all jumbled?

Bonnie In RM, have you set your folder options - Program Options under Tools - to point at the location where you have stored the gedcom file? Free download firefox 18. Ensure that the gedcom folder points to somewhere within your Documents folder - to RM the path to the file should appear to be on the Y disk, which is mapped to your Mac user data.

We are Leister Productions, developer of Reunion for Mac and ReunionTouch for iPhone/iPad.

Reunion for mac reviews

I had no problem importing Reunion gedcoms into RM. However, the Sources/Citations were a bit of a mess, primarily because Sources in Reunion are, frankly, a bit of a mess - one of the reasons that I moved to RM. You just have to steel yourself to doing a lot of tidying up as you go along. The first thing you need to do is get your head around EE citing standards - maybe you're already comforstable with these - and then gradually upgrade the citstions that have come across from Reunion. My procedure has been to enter all new information with 'proper' citations, and edit the older entries as I happen to come to them. I realise that I will eventually have to identify the records that still require upgrading, but that's another day's work!