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2014 Turbotax Software For Mac

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Starting this year, Turbotax CD/download versions will not permit people to print tax forms when offline. If you try to print while not connected to the Internet, you receive the warning “There was a problem connecting to Intuit’s Secure Print Service. Please check your Internet connection or try again later.” Indeed, Paragraph 9 of the Intuit Software End User License Agreement states: 'You may save your return as a PDF file and understand it may be processed on Intuit servers, not as part of the Software.' Even if you wish to protect your data by not exposing it to the Internet, Turbotax will not let you without sharing your entire return first with them.

They prohibit you from only printing locally on home, cable-connected printers. The result of this is that people who tried to be safe by never going online with tax data, are this year being forced by Intuit software to expose all their sensitive tax information files to the Internet and Intuit print server, even though they do not wish to.

Turbotax is putting you at risk. On Feb 19 the Wall Street Journal quoted an Intuit spokesperson blaming Apple: According to Julie Miller, an Intuit spokeswoman, TurboTax made the change “because the Mac product requires a special, third-party code library to support offline printing.” And she says, “based on Apple App Store guidelines, we could no longer distribute the third-party library with our software.” She said the change in the TurboTax Mac software was first made for 2013 tax returns, but last year customers had the option of printing returns without being connected to the Internet.

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So is Apple to blame that I now have to expose my sensitive tax data to Intuit just to be allowed to save to PDF on my hard disk? And it's all Apple's fault? Can anyone clarify this? True, but there is major Forbes article today blaming Apple for not letting Turbotax users print or save to PDF without first sending their tax returns to Intuit. It doesn't seem to make sense.


I have never come across similar software. Think about it, you have to give up your tax return to Intuit just to print your returns for your own records.

I would hope that Apple will respond to Intuit's charges and clarify this. This is a slippery slope with big security implications for people who pay taxes. I know of no other way than here to try to catch someone's attention at Apple. Welcome any suggestions. Perhaps people just don't care about data security. Thank you for this an the other posts. Particularly for Barney, I have just discovered that Turbotax actually permits you to print (and save to PDF) documents from the Help Center built into the program, even when you are OFFLINE.