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Microsoft Outlook For Mac Not Finding Emails When Search

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I have just installed Outlook for Mac (v15.19.1). All my IMAP emails on Godaddy downloaded upon creating a new account. After this initial process, nothing is syncing back to my IMAP server at Godaddy. According to my Godaddy webmail view, I have new emails sitting in my inbox that are no getting downloaded to Outlook. If I move, delete, or read an email, it is not reflected back on the Webmail account. However, I used my iPhone to move, delete, or read an email and these changes instantly show in the webmail - so I ruled out an issue with the IMAP account. I ended up deleting the entire account within Outlook and then added it back again.

Best dictation program for mac This time, all the IMAP emails on Godaddy downloaded again as expected, including the new ones that were not syncing. However, as soon as the initial load was complete, all new emails that showed up in the GoDaddy webmail were still not syncing with Outlook.

In Outlook 2016 for Mac, users receive a message “No Results,” when they try to search specific mail message or task items are not displayed in Task folder. Moreover, when users search for mail items by utilizing Mac OS spotlight search, the search is not successful.

I have clicked 'Sync Folder' and verified that there are no sync error appearing in the 'Sync Error' view. There are no sync processes running in the 'Sync Status' and my main Outlook window at the bottom says 'All folders are up to date', which is obviously not accurate. Being able to receive new emails is a basic functionality of an email browser. I would understand if some bell and whistle did not work as expected as a 'bug' but receiving new emails is a core function. I am very disappointed with Microsoft. It seems this is a commonly experienced issue according to the number of online forums that I have read and there is no support topic that addresses a solution.

QUESTION: Is there anything that can be done to fix this sync issue or should I request a refund and switch to a product that works as expected? I'm having the same issues - started suddenly last week. Very unhappy with the Office products Microsoft has for Mac, not all features are available and they're 'working on it'. Well if you're working on it and can't offer all of the features that are available for Windows users (BTW, I had to get rid of my windows computer and switch to a MAC because of the constant issues after the last Windows 'upgrade') then don't charge me full price. So frustrated with the answers MS gives and lack of response. UPDATE: This was the response I got from MS, it appears to be working now, hopefully it stays this way: If you have 2 Step verification enabled for your work Gmail account, then please follow the steps from the following link to create an App-Password and enter the same onto Outlook: Also, make sure 'Allow less secure apps' option has been turned ON.

You may refer to the following link to do so. (Note: You may not see the 'Allow less secure apps' option, as it will controlled by your work Admin) After you have made the necessary changes, try entering 'App-Password' in the Account settings window by navigating to 'Tools' -> 'Accounts.'