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Mimecast For Mac

Download Mimecast Mobile apk for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10. helps you to install any You can download apps/games to PC desktop with Windows 7,8,10 OS, Mac OS, Chrome OS.

1 Mimecast Services for Outlook (MSO4) End User Quick Start Guide for Outlook 2010/2013 Mimecast Services for Outlook (MSO 4) is a software application that integrates with your Microsoft Outlook. Once installed, MSO provides access to many Mimecast services directly from within Microsoft Outlook, such as: Direct access to your archive Managing your personal blocked/permitted senders lists Reviewing your On Hold (quarantine) queue Exporting archived s to your mailbox Applying delivery options when sending s, e.g.

Including appending signatures and branding, delivering s securely and managing attachments Real-time views of inbound and outbound s, even if the company server is unavailable Sending Large Files through Mimecast Note: Permissions to use MSO and available features are determined by your Administrator. Logging in with MSO Prior to accessing MSO features, software needs to be installed in your Outlook application and you will need to authenticate your login Information with Mimecast. Your Administrator will define the authentication method you should be using.

When you launch Outlook, if you do not authenticate automatically, you will be notified with a pop-up message that you are required to enter credentials. Click on the Status Panel (bottom left corner of Outlook), which will take you to the Account Options screen. You may have one or more authentication methods defined for you. Choose at least one, and enter your password.

2 Mimecast Tab Navigation Once successfully authenticated, the Mimecast tab and options will be available. The image below is specific to Outlook 2010: Search your archive, save search criteria, and work with search results Access to your Online Inbox, Online Sent Items, and ability to activate Continuity Send large files through Mimecast, and monitor the access to the files Apply control over what s are allowed to your Inbox, and report potential spam Monitor and control Large File Sending Authentication, software updates, and reporting feedback to Mimecast Note: Clicking the Help icon options. On any of the Mimecast pages provides more detail about how to use the various Searching for s The Mimecast Archive provides quick access to your historical s. There are multiple options when it comes to searching your archive: Quick Search - The easiest option is to perform a Quick search. In the Mimecast tab, simply enter your search term in the Quick Search bar. This searches all aspects of the message (subject, headers, body, attachment, attachment name, attachments type) across the last years worth of.

The Search Editor can be used to create a Basic or Advanced search. 4 Create a Stub Use the Stub option to remove the contents of the from Outlook. The will still be visible and accessible, and the contents are downloaded from Mimecast when the message is accessed. Stubbing s helps to reduce the size of your Outlook folders, helping to reduce the storage load on the company infrastructure and to improve your Outlook performance. This feature is most helpful when applied to large s that you don t need to access regularly. Online Inbox & Online Sent Items Your company may have policies in place to delete s after a certain amount of time, or when your mailbox reaches a certain size.

The Online Inbox and Online Sent Items provides real-time access to your s at any time from within Outlook, even if they no longer exist on your company mail server. You are able to view these s, respond to them or even export them to a mailbox folder of your choice. Composing s When composing s, additional options may be available from the Mimecast tab: Control how is delivered Strip attachments (over 1 Mb) from and replace with link Access Knowledge Base, submit feedback or update software Choose to apply Stationery or not Send large files directly through Mimecast, and not the server Note: If any these options have been disabled by your Administrator, they will not be available in the Mimecast tab. Replicated Folders Your Administrator may have enabled Folder Sync so that you can view your folders in Outlook even if the server is unavailable, or s no longer exist.

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