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Best Dictation Program For Mac

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Table of Contents • • • • • • • Voice recognition software is getting better all the time. Despite its reputation for not quite working, modern tools can do a decent job of translating your voice into text for dictation and inputting commands. We took a look at some of the options to bring you this overview of the best speech-to-text software around. Our favorite is, but there are plenty of free (or at least cheaper) options around, too. If you want to dictate while doing other things, speech-to-text is perfect. You can write a speech for work while cooking, for example.

Most people speak faster than they type, so it can make them more productive, providing that the software is accurate. For those with a physical impairment, it may be their only way to use a computer, making accuracy all the more important. Mileage may vary depending on your language or accent. Those of us from more remote parts of the world may find our accents less likely to be recognized than others. Americans are better catered to than people from, for instance. Download microsoft office 2016 for mac download.

What’s the best dictation software for mac? Without question, it’s Dragon Dictate also known as Dragon for Mac. Although, the Mac operating system includes in-built dictation software it’s not as reliable or fast as Dragon. If you’re on a budget, I suggest using the inbuilt dictation software first until you’re comfortable dictating.

Different languages present different challenges to computer interpretation systems. We will focus on English in our testing, but may throw in snippets of other languages to see what happens. For our testing, the main thing we’ll be looking at is accuracy. We’ll read a fixed set of text to each tool to compare how it is handled.


We will also look at command recognition where appropriate. The big question we wanted to ask was whether voice recognition software has moved from being an occasionally useful novelty to something that offers a reasonable, or even superior, alternative to typing. Our microphone is a standard headset, nothing fancy. We’ll be doing most of our testing on the same PC and will use an iPad and Android phone to look at offerings from Apple and Google. Our Mac mini failed to recognize the mic input, so it’s out by default.

Windows Speech Recognition is built in to Windows. All you need to do to set it up is search for “speech recognition” in the Windows search box, then click through the installation wizard. You’ll need to repeat a couple of sentences aloud. Once you’re finished, it immediately offers to improve itself by flicking through your emails and documents. No thanks, fellas. You might have concerns about enabling speech recognition on Windows given its record on privacy. If so, our article on is worth checking out.