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Snipping Tool App For Mac

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Best Snipping Tool for Mac If you want a snipping tool packed with additional features, download Skitch, from the creators of Evernote. Skitch is a free snipping tool app for Macs that also allows you to easily draw arrows, boxes, add text, resize the image, and much more.

Snipping Tool is a nifty utility that allows you to take screenshots of any part on Windows computer screen. It offers four screenshot modes for you: Free-form snip, Rectangular snip, Window snip and Full-screen snip. And you can also edit the screenshot briefly after capturing it. Its image editor gives you a highlighter, various colored pens and an eraser. After editing, you can save the screenshot as an image file in formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF and HTML file. Migrate licenses office for mac 2016 free. This utility is indeed a very handy tool for Windows users.

However, Windows is not the only operating system for computers. There is also a large number of people using Mac OS X. And they must also be in need of a Snipping Tool on Mac. In this case, some of the best choices are given in the following. Apowersoft Mac Screenshot This is a light-weight screen capture tool especially designed for Mac users. It allows you to capture any region on the screen like Snipping Tool on Windows.

When you’ve taken a screenshot with this tool, an image editor will pop up. Then you can annotate the image with lines, arrows, texts, circles, etc. After that, you can save the screenshot to your local disk or just upload it directly to the free cloud space. Every image uploaded in this way will be hosted on an individual page with the links readily to share. It is indeed a pretty handy tool for taking computers. Here are the steps for you to create a screenshot on Mac with this tool. • Download and install this program on your Mac.


• Launch the application. You can do some settings before capturing screen. You can set hotkeys (“Command + R” by default) for taking screenshot, preset the directory (desktop by default) for saving the screenshot. • Hit this tool’s icon in the notification area and choose “Regional screenshot”. Or, you can also press the hotkeys you’ve set. After that, your mouse cursor will turn into a crosshair.

• Click, hold and drag your mouse to select the area you want to capture. Release you mouse to confirm it. You can then annotate it as you like with the drawing tools on the horizontal toolbar. • Hit the disk-like icon to save the screenshot. You can then find the screenshot in the directory you’ve preset. Tips: Alternatively, instead of saving it on your local disk, you can also upload it to the free cloud space provided by the developer. Once, it’s uploaded, you will get links to the screenshot, which are useful for embedding the image in forums and blogs.

2. Grab It can be said that Grab is a built-in free Snipping tool for Mac designed by Apple Inc. It has four screenshot modes for you to choose: Selection, Window, Screen and Timed Screen. After taking screenshot, it also provides an image editor for you to crop and annotate the image. When you are done, you can save the screenshot to a folder on your Mac in TIFF, PNG or PDF formats. Skitch is a well-known screen capture program created by Evernote.