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Metaz Mac Torrent

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Lightroom 6 download. Multimedia center makes it easy to access and view pictures, watch movies or listen to music and internet radio. Project has been abandoned.

Metaz Mac Torrent

MetaX is a small, lightweight app that has been designed to tag* various movie formats, such as.MP4,.M4V,.MOV,.MKV,.WMV, and.AVI. It works by grabbing data from numerous online sources such as IMDB, Amazon, The Movie Database, etc. The main window is divided into smart panes, which let you quickly perform searches, and check video information, edit sorting options, and chapters, view the queue list, and it also shows a status pane for extra information. The app does not support drag and drop, so you need to enter the details via the built-in browse button.

The tool lets you add tags for the name, artist, show, album artist, and album, as well as split, merge, rest, or delete chapters. In addition, you can manually edit the information, and upload a custom image (in.JPG,.GIF,.PNG, or.TBN). MetaX has some neat features as well, such as the ability to copy tags from one file to another, toggle the check boxes on or off, and write all files from the queue list. Overall, MetaX is an efficient video tagging utility that has a good list of features that helps you tag your movies and grab metadata and cover images from various online sources. It is worth noting that the unregistered version allows you to tag up to 5 files in order to test out the software. Once tagged, you can also see how your files will look in a media player of your choice. *Not all formats support all tags.