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How To Insert Water Mark In Word For Mac

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In the Insert Watermark dialog, select Text and either type your own watermark text or select one, like DRAFT, from the list. Then, customize the watermark by setting the font, layout, size, colors, and orientation. Word automatically applies the watermark to every page except designated title pages. Use WordArt to Add Watermark in Excel 2016. For text-based watermarks, you can use Word art. This is similar to the method used to add a watermark in a Microsoft Word 2016. The steps are pretty.

I am looking for a keyboard short cut. I want to able to insert a watermark into any Word document. I tried doing so with macros. In one attempt I tried to create a macro that would go Layout > Watermark > Insert Watermark and then insert the desired word and set the desired formatting.

In another attempt I created a template with the desired watermark and then tried to create a macro that would open that template. Neither macro works. Each macro opens a blank page and stops at that.

As I say, I have the template. I can open it easily enough by pulling down the File menu to “New from Template.” But doing so requires me to take my hand from the keyboard.

I will use this watermark very often. I would prefer a keyboard short cut so that I can insert the watermark fast. Ideally I would prefer to insert the watermark in a document before I print it. That makes for only one trip through the printer. As an alternative, I could live with printing the watermark as a separate document in a second pass through the printer. Is there a technique for inserting a specific watermark with a keyboard shortcut?

There's certainly no need for a template to do this. In fact, a template is an awkward way to go about it unless you want to be able to generate new documents from the template with the watermark already in place. Additionally, I'm having no problem here recording a macro triggered by a keyboard shortcut to insert either a built-in or custom Text Watermark.

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It also makes no sense to me that such a macro would create a new document. Try following these steps to see if you have success; • Create a new blank document • Go to Tools> Macro - Record New Macro or click the Record button on the Developer tab • Name the macro using no punctuation or spaces • Click the Keyboard button • Press the key combination you want to use, making sure that [unassigned] appears beneath the editable field • Click the Assign button • Confirm that Normal.dotm is indicated in the Save changes in: list • Click OK • Go to Insert> Watermark. Or use the Watermark button on the Layout tab • Click the Text option • Select a built-in watermark or type one you prefer • Set the formatting options • Click OK • Go to Tools> Macro - Stop Recording or click the Stop button on the Developer tab You can then close the document without saving it.

When you create a new document or open any existing one, use the keystroke. You should find that the watermark is applied with no problem. NOTE: If you're prompted to 'save Normal.dotm' or to 'save the recorded macro' be sure to click the Save button. This could also be handled as an AutoText Item but it would be a bit cumbersome & there's no real advantage to doing it that way. Please mark HELPFUL or ANSWERED as appropriate to keep list as clean as possible ☺ Regards, Bob J.