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Sims 3 Trial Download For Mac

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I have downloaded the pets pack onto my mac, i have the requirement to run it. I brought the game which took me two days to install and now i cant de- authorize my compter to play the games i already have on sims as it goes to the play screen and then shuts it down, nor can i uninstall content to try and resolve any ' bugs' as it keep saying there are. I am so diappointed in EA and the lack of coustmer support and the fact that everytime i try to play the game ( even after turning my laptop on and off) it comes up with a message saying bug detected? This has only happened since i have installed the pets. I want my money back in other terms as this is vile, i meet every requirement and it wont allow me to play the game but it has made playing the games i already have impossible!

FREE Sims 3 download for PC & Mac is given on this page. Just follow instructions & get Sims 3 free download. Then install & play as shown in the video to play. Sims 3 is the third title in the series excluding expansions and addons that have been released. This is a life simulation at its best from EA and has been developed by The Sims Studio.

Hi Annie, To clarify, you already had the Sims 3 base game installed on your Mac, then downloaded the Pets expansion - do you have any other expansion installed, is the base game also digital download or was that from a disc and presumably you downloaded Pets from Origin? I would suggest that you uninstall the whole game cleanly from your Mac, also uninstall Origin, and start again. Instructions pasted below. If you had any disc versions of any parts of the game before, you can still use them or you can register all the codes and just use Origin. Before you try any of that, however, what exactly is the message that you are getting when you try to play? Have you tried the steps under 'primary things to try first' in the main Mac help thread: If that doens't work: Uninstalling cleanly When you uninstall TS3 games on your Mac using the uninstaller, the game leaves behind stray files and isn't completely removed from your computer. These files may conflict with future installations.

Mac It is best to completely remove them. BluebellFlora's website provides a guide on how to do this: After cleanly uninstalling, install the base game and patch it up to date.

If you cannot update via the Launcher, download and apply the latest cumulative manual patch (called the superpatch) for Mac. Check that your game works properly. Then install any EPs and SPs that you own, in order of release date. Using Origin You can use Origin to buy and download digital versions of TS3 games. If you already own the games on discs, you can also register the codes and re-download them from Origin. It is possible to have a setup that combines installations from discs with digital downloads.

The first thing to check is that your Mac is sufficiently up-to-date to be able to run the Origin client. It requires at least OS X 10.6.8 with an Intel Core 2 Duo processor or better.

More general information on Origin for Mac simmers can be found on the TS3 website here: To download and install games through Origin: First install the Origin client for Mac and make sure it is up-to-date. The latest version can be downloaded from here: Additional advice on how to download games (thank you Tremayne for this tip): When downloading from Origin, do NOT use the first install icon. Move your cursor over the game cover and click on the information (letter i) and then click on the install button from there. For some reason, downloads from Origin frequently become corrupted. Using the i reduces the chance of your download being corrupted.

If you have already been unfortunate and have a corrupted download, then it is important to remove all traces of this before trying again, by doing a thorough, clean uninstallation first. Are you running anti-virus software or any clean-up applications? If so, disable these, as they might be deleting files that Origin needs!