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Mac Email Settings For Outlook

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Using Bananatag's Email Relay you can track outgoing emails through Microsoft's Outlook for Mac email client without the need for any additional software. Setup is simple. To start, you will need a Bananatag account, which is available for free at. STEP 1:Once you've created have your account, log in to, click on your Account Icon in the top-right corner of your dashboard, select Settings and Email Relay. If you have not yet set up your account with, you will be required to do so before you can use Email Relay.

STEP 2: Enable Email Relay and in the Password field, create a new SMTP password. Microsoft office 2013 for mac os x torrent. Remember to make note of your SMTP password and Bananatag's SMTP server information. STEP 3: Open your Outlook for Mac Mail Settings by clicking Outlook > Preferences, select the + icon on the lower left and click New Account. From the menu that appears. STEP 4: Enter your email address and click Continue. On the screen that immediately follows opt to not use the automatic setup but instead do it manually.

Configure Zoho Mail in Outlook for Mac - IMAP. Enter your Zoho email address ( or email aliases for organization accounts or, if you have a personal account) in the E-mail To avoid duplicates in the Sent folder, change the following settings: In Zoho Mail. Check out How to Set up Email in Outlook 2013 or How To Setup Email on Microsoft Outlook 2010. Step #1: Add or Edit the Email Account To set up a new email account, click the File tab and then click Add Account.

This will be presented in the top right corner similarly to what is highlighted here. Step 5: Choose the IMAP/POP option on the email provider selection screen. On the screen that follows enter your regular mail provider information including username and password. Click Add Account when complete.

In the example Gmail's mail server information is used. Your information may be different. STEP 6: You can now edit your new duplicate email account, and give it a Description, so that it's clear later on when you're sending your emails that this account is set up with tracking. You will want to use the same information as show here, with your own email address and name replacing the example 'Support' ones.

Mac tutorial for wurst hacked client. Incoming: Outgoing: with SSL STEP 7: Click More Options. and select User Name and Password Authentication. Enter your username and the password you created in Step 1 and click OK to return to the Account screen. From the Account screen you can also use the Advanced. Button to access settings for how frequently this account will fetch mail, and disable the checkbox to check for messages every two minutes. Your Outlook for Mac is now set up with Bananatag, and your emails sent from this account will be automatically tracked.

You will receive an email notification when your emails are opened, as well as notifications when any links in your emails are clicked. You can send yourself a test email, and your compose window should now have an option to switch the from address to enable/disable tracking.