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Microsoft Office 2013 For Mac Military

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Microsoft paint for mac. Neither Paint or Paint 3 D for Mac exist as Microsoft never released it on macOS but there are some excellent alternatives n 2018. When Macs were first released in 1984, they actually included MacPaint which came before Microsoft launched MS Paint shortly after in 1985.

If you’re not a heavy Office user, the single computer version of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 or Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 is a steal at just $9.95. You have to register for the program with email address, and your code will be sent to that address. MS Office Download offers Microsoft softwares and applications like Microsoft office, windows, antivirus, office apps at affordable price with Free shipping across the Australia.

Start here to order:. What is the Microsoft Home Use Program? The Department of the Navy (DON) is entitled to Microsoft’s Home Use Program (HUP) as a volume license owner with Microsoft.

The HUP allows government civilian and uniformed personnel currently under NGEN to obtain a licensed copy of Microsoft Office, Project or Visio desktop applications to install and use on a home computer, if the products are also currently installed on their NGEN computer. Contractors are ineligible to participate in the HUP program at this time.

Usage of HUP licenses is valid only for the member, and not transferable to dependents or other persons. I work in a command where we have a mix of U.S. Military, U.S. Civilian, and NATO allies who all have NGEN desktops and email addresses.

Who in my office is eligible to use the DON's HUP? Although some components have foreign and/or non-DON military and civilians co-located within their commands who have valid NGEN accounts, only U.S. Civilians and U.S.

Military with a current valid NGEN desktop/laptop and user account are eligible to participate. My desktop computer was not provided by the NGEN contractor, but I am on the Navy's NMCI network. Am I eligible to participate in the DON's HUP? No, if the user has a non-NGEN computer or a legacy computer, even though they have connectivity to the NMCI network, they cannot participate in HUP.

Microsoft Office 2013 For Mac Military

Home use or secondary usage rights for their Microsoft products is contained in their non-NGEN license agreement with Microsoft. Is the DON's HUP the same as the OSD HUP or other HUPs? No, it is a separate and distinct program for DON U.S. Civilians and military, with current NGEN accounts only. Is it a fully-licensed product or is there an expiration date? There is no specific expiration date to the HUP license. If you leave the DON, your agency/command discontinues its software assurance coverage, or you are no longer a user of the licensed software as part of your employment, your license terminates and you should discontinue use of the software.

Will there be another fee to upgrade in the future? As long as your agency/command is a software assurance customer under NGEN, eligible NGEN users are allowed to upgrade to the latest version of the Microsoft Office software available, at applicable discount program costs. Do I have to pay again if my computer crashes or is reformatted, or will I be able to reinstall the originally purchased application? You can re-install originally purchased software if your computer crashes or is reformatted. To lessen disruption from such events, back-up media is available upon purchase and comes up as an option in the Shopping Cart.

Otherwise, keep your product key for future reference. If you lose your download during a crash, you may have to re-acquire the software through the ordering process. The $9.95 charge is not for a new license, but rather to cover processing fees. You may be able to work with Microsoft to re-establish your software depending on version and when purchased. Please go to: for communication with Microsoft. I want to use Visio and Project Professional at home, but it's not installed on my NGEN desktop. Can I purchase these products through the DON's HUP for home use?

No, you can only obtain for home use those Microsoft products listed and installed on your workplace NGEN desktop/laptop. Why can't I order other Microsoft Products than the ones listed for DON HUP? HUP only includes products for which DON has licenses with active Software Assurance. There are also restrictions on the number of HUP licenses that may be purchased by NGEN users. I have multiple seats at work (e.g., laptop and desktop), can I order more than one copy of each application for home use? No, you still only have one NGEN email address, therefore you can only purchase one copy of each application for home use. I have an NGEN S&T computer; do I qualify to participate in the program?