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How To Change Password For Mac Email

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Having separate passwords for each service you use means that even if someone gains access to one of your accounts. One more important is to keep strong passwords and it’s On your Mac device launch System Preferences. Click on users and groups and there tap on the change password button.

In order to keep your Mac secure, it is good to set an administrator password which must be difficult to guess for others. Mac Administrator has highest privileges as compare to other users. So, in order to keep your Mac secure its important to create a strong password for Admin or you can reset it after a specific time period. Admin can also make changes for other accounts of Mac system. Here is the process that how a Mac Admin user can change his password, and set passwords for other users as well. So, follow the steps to change Mac password. Step-1 Click “Apple” logo and then click on “System Preferences”.

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Step-2 Click “Accounts” icon under “System” section. Advertisement Step-3 Click on “Admin” user and then click on “ Change Password” button on the right-side. Step-4 Enter Old Password, type New Password and retype password to Verify. You can also write some Password Hint to use it in future to recover forgotten password and then click “Change Password” button to save new password. The Admin password is changed now. Change other user password from Admin Admin also privileges to set passwords for other user’s account created on Mac.


Suppose if any user then Admin can set a new password for that account. Follow these steps to change other users passwords through admin.