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Why Can't I Highlight A Pdf In Endnote For Mac

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Question: I was reading an article in PDF in EndNote and highlighted a few sentences. Now I want to remove the highlight. Mysql jdbc driver for mac download. How can I do that? Answer: To remove your highlights or sticky notes, you may mouse over the highlighted area or the sticky note and then right click your mouse for options. ISkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac (Compatible with macOS 10.13) or iSkysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows is an all-one tool for Mac and Windows users and it has the capabilities to convert, annotate, edit or highlight text in PDF easily.

Some Acrobat PDF documents cannot be edited or marked with the Acrobat Pro fluorescent marker (Highlight Text Tool). This tool is extremely useful to mark up text for future reference, teaching, research, etc., but it seemingly can't be used on these documents.


For example, any of the PDFs, such as. The solution turns out to be fairly simple. Open Acrobat Pro's preferences, and select the Documents section in the left-hand column. In the PDF/A View Mode section on the right, set the pop-up menu to Never, and click OK. Free instagram program for mac. From that moment on, all 'PDF/A' documents can be highlighted with Acrobat. [ robg adds: This fix works as described.].