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Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac Cannot Be Installed On This Disk

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Microsoft Office 2011 For Mac Cannot Be Installed On This Disk Rating: 9,4/10 5740 votes

Three reasons to run your own Mac server Running a server isn’t as scary as you’d think. Here are three reasons why you should consider it, too. Native apps let you get the most out of your devices. Native apps are built specifically for Apple devices using the powerful iOS SDK. These apps take advantage of features people love to use, like 3D Touch, Siri, Messages, and motion sensors — opening up a whole new world of ways you can work smarter and faster. Reasons for a business to provide support for mac os x x. A few reasons: Less expensive than Windows Server, especially in the area of client licensing. Easier to manage. You don’t need an MCSE to get an OS X Server running. Features people wanted for their systems. Easy integration with existing systems. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. But automated backup is native to OS X, via its Time Machine tool. You can back up to a dedicated drive for each Mac or to departmental Time Machine server running on a Mac equipped with OS X Server.

The latest version of Mac OS is called. There are some nice changes in the new OS. Instead of using, a new file system, (APFS), was introduced. Important enhancements in the APFS include faster speed in file copy, built-in encryption, crash-safe protections. Safari in this version not only becomes much faster (Apple claims it is the fastest desktop browser, I am not sure about this), but also has a feature to stop the most annoying feature on the web: autoplay videos. The new Safari also has a feature to allow you to view sites in Reader mode.

Interesting, I didn’t know I can view site in writer mode before! There are also some improvements in video and icloud experience, which I don’t really care. There was an important note about Office 2011 caught my attention. Microsoft announced that the company is no longer to support Office 2011 on macOS High Sierra and users should switch to Office 2016. I understand the company may want to get more revenue from selling Office 2016 to existing customers.

Jul 28, 2016 - On the Office page page, under Install Office. Review the disk space requirements, and then click Install. If Office installation fails, see What to try if you can't install or activate Office 2016 for Mac using Office 365 for business. Shows the Microsoft Word icon in a partial view of the Launchpad. Unfortunately, in Office 2016 for Mac, Microsoft made some changes to the way that Office applications handle connections to WebDAV servers. Specifically, they require that WebDAV Servers place a 'lock' on a file when accessed from a WebDAV connection.

While many other programs are still supported and running on macOS High Sierra, it looks bad if Office 2011 is not working in High Sierra, especially Word and Excel are some of the most popular applications people used daily. If this is the case, It would hesitate to upgrade my Macs to the new version: High Sierra. I have been there before. I used to have software for my VMs on Mac many years ago and it worked great. Forgot from which version of new Mac OS release, Parallel announced the old version Parallel software would not work on the new MacOS and existing customers must pay extra fee to upgrade to new version if want to continue to use Parallel on the new Mac OS.

If I remember correctly, Parallel has done the same trick almost every time a new Mac OS is released since then. Luckily, I switched to when Parallel did the first announcement and completely get rid of Parallel since then. Although I missed some nice features from Parallel, VirtualBox meets all of my requirements for my VM and it is free. Similarly, if Microsoft Office 2011 is not working at all on macOS High Sierra, I will switch to Apple’s and,.

Anyway, my use of Word and Excel at home is very basic, just some simple Word and Excel documents. I don’t see paying annual subscription to new Office 2016 makes sense to me.

Anyway my company laptop will have Office 2016 subscription. But if I can keep using my paid Office 2011 on my home Mac, it would be perfect. I checked out page, it has the following statement: Office for Mac 2011 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Lync have not been tested on macOS 10.13 High Sierra, and no formal support for this configuration will be provided. All applications in the Office for Mac 2011 suite* are reaching end of support on October 10th, 2017. As a reminder, after that date there will be no new security updates, non-security updates, free or paid assisted support options or technical content updates. Refer to the Microsoft Support Lifecycle for more information.