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Free Statistical Software For Mac

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The Macintosh statistical software clearinghouse for twenty years. We will soon be using the same tests on several packages to compare them. Free software: a surprisingly large and polished collection (updated 10/18/18) General statistics software, including regression and hypothesis testing (updated 11/8/2018) Graphing and data visualization.

A New Statistics and Forecasting Toolset for your Spreadsheet Have you ever needed forecasting, regression, quality control charts, or other statistical analyses beyond the basics that are provided with Excel? Have you ever doubted the accuracy of some of Excel’s statistical results? StatTools addresses both of these issues, providing a new, powerful statistics toolset to Excel. StatTools covers the most commonly used statistical procedures, and offers unprecedented capabilities for adding new, custom analyses. StatTools replaces Excel’s built-in statistics functions with its own calculations. The accuracy of Excel’s built-in statistics calculations has often been questioned, so StatTools doesn’t use them. All StatTools functions are true Excel functions, and behave exactly as native Excel functions do.

Over 30 wide-ranging statistical procedures plus 9 built-in data utilities include forecasts, time series, descriptive statistics, normality tests, group comparisons, correlation, regression analysis, quality control, nonparametric tests, and more. Alex Lebedev Lebedev Consulting Pretoria, South Africa StatTools features live, 'hot-linked' statistics calculations. Change a value in your dataset and your statistics report automatically updates.

There is no need to manually re-run your analyses. Office 365 for mac pro StatTools has also been fully translated into,,,,,,.


New in Version 7.5 – New & Improved Analyses » StatTools 7.5 improves upon already-powerful Box-Whisker plots, regression, and confidence intervals, while adding a new chi-square goodness-of-fit test. » Improved Box-Whisker Plots Choose between horizontal and vertical plots, and control how to view outliers. New Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test This new test checks if the frequency distribution of a categorical variable of your sample fits a specified pattern and is consistent with a hypothesized distribution. Improved Handling of Outliers in Regressions Identify your outliers in data and graphs to better examine them. Upgraded Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Tests Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for mean and standard deviation can be implemented using a known population standard deviation or summary statistics as the input.

Does office 2016 pc installs work for mac os. See StatTools forecast in Excel. Click image to view larger graphic. How StatTools Works First, you define your data in StatTools.

Then, you perform any of over 30 different types of analysis on your data set, depending on your situation. StatTools provides a comprehensive and intuitive data set and variable manager right in Excel. You can define any number of data sets, each with the variables you want to analyze, directly from your data in Excel. StatTools intelligently assesses your blocks of data, suggesting variable names and locations for you. Your data sets and variables can reside in different workbooks, allowing you to organize your data as you see fit. Run statistical analyses that refer to your variables, instead of re-selecting your data over and over again in Excel. StatTools fully supports the expanded worksheet size in Excel 2007-2010.