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Firefox Better For Mac

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Mac zealots seem to prefer the Mac's native Safari over Firefox, citing speed and the way Safari handles text as primary reasons. I've found no problems with Firefox's performance or text rendering on the Mac, perhaps because I have a new (and, therefore, relatively powerful) system.

Mozilla is overhauling its Gecko-based web engine so that it's better at handling the dynamic features of modern websites. Mozilla has a new web browser, called, to compete with for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows users. This latest version arrives more than a decade after Mozilla first released its iconic Firefox browser.

Mozilla said Firefox Quantum is designed to be twice as fast as its Firefox predecessor from last year -- while using 30 percent less computer memory than the Chrome browser. That's great marketing speak, but is Firefox Quantum truly better than Google's rival browser? If you'd like to learn about what types of updates Firefox Quantum brings to the table, or how these two top-tier browsers stack up, we've broken out all the stats and features worth paying attention to, with the hopes of helping you figure out which is browser is better. Read also: What are Firefox Quantum and Chrome's market shares? In December 2017, just one month after Firefox Quantum's release to the public, Mozilla there have been 44 percent more downloads from Chrome users compared with this time last year. On Android and iOS devices, specifically, Firefox installations spiked 24 percent. Started at the bottom It's important to put that information into context: First, when Chrome debuted in 2008, it quickly become the de-facto web browser of choice.

Before then, it seemed like everyone was using Firefox as an alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer or Apple's Safari. Chrome made Firefox irrelevant -- a stigma that's only now starting to reverse course. According to the, in January 2017, Chrome dominated US web browser use (with 44.5 percent market share), followed by Safari (with 25.4 percent) and Internet Explorer (with 15.5 percent market share). Firefox tumbled to fourth place (with 7.4 percent). Yet, a month after the launch of Quantum Firefox, Mozilla confirmed a total of 170 million people have installed the new browser, Read also: (Image: Mozilla) What's new in Firefox Quantum? Before we get any deeper into Firefox Quantum, you should know that it is technically called version 57 of the Firefox browser. The 'Quantum' name comes from the project that turned Firefox into what it is now -- but the name has stuck.

Everyone says it, so we will, too. Speed Underneath the redesigned interface is a new browsing engine, born from the, along with new multiprocessing technology that Mozilla has built for the browser. Firefox Quantum also features an AMD VP9 hardware video encoder that helps to reduce battery consumption by cutting background tabs' video decoding. The result is a browser that is lean yet built for multi-tasking multiple tabs with 86-percent less hang time - all while using less RAM than Chrome. You can run 3D games at near-native speeds and browse confidently knowing Firefox is using enough memory to let you work while leaving plenty of memory to keep your computer responsive. Firefox uses 1.77 times less memory than Chrome,.

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