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Flashcard Program For Mac

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Flashcard Program For Mac Rating: 8,0/10 7105 votes

Flashcards are undoubtedly one of the best ways to memorize things. Being a student of English Literature and History, I often have to use this technique. And, yes, I don’t waste time and paper by writing flashcards.

Learn more, faster. Anki App is a cross-platform mobile and desktop flashcard app. Study flashcards in your downtime. Make flashcards with text, sound, and images, or download pre-made ones. Studying is extra-efficient, thanks to our unique algorithm.

Instead, there are some cool flashcard apps out there. Recently, we had covered. This is the time for Mac. While there aren’t many flashcard apps for Mac, the available ones are quite diverse. Most of them are offline apps while we have included some online services as well. We will take you through the different aspects of these tools so that you can get the best flashcard app for your needs. Shall we begin?

Best Flashcard Apps for Mac #1 Flashcard Hero Flashcard Hero is a freemium flashcard app for Mac. The full version comes with a price tag. However, you’d always find the Lite version helpful. We have been testing the Lite version for the review since Paid features are somewhat additional. • User Interface Flashcard Hero has one of the simplified UIs we’ve seen. You can create cards, study them and track progress from the same window. There is an option to customize the UI according to your needs.

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For instance, it lets you disable the Sidebar for a seamless experience. • Workflow & Studying It has a smooth workflow for creating and studying flashcards. Right when you open Flashcard Hero, you can find the option for creating the first flashcard. Just fill in the question and answer — tada, you’re done. For each subject, you can create an individual deck. In the full version, Flashcard Hero lets you store 1000 cards per deck. Flashcard Hero offers different modes to study as well.

You can use the same flashcard for memorizing the content, type in the answer or select from Multiple Choices. This will prevent you from getting bored in the long run. Some of these modes have audio content support as well. It means you can use Flashcard Hero for studying almost everything. • Progress Tracking This freemium tool does not disappoint when it comes to progress tracking. Did we say that it has support for Spaced Repetition?

Thanks to this, you can track your learning progress based on cards. If you mark cards as difficult, Flashcard Hero will bring them again for thorough learning.

Altogether, we loved how Flashcard Hero helps you keep all your resources together. • Other Features Apart from the basic flashcard making and studying, Flashcard Hero does not offer much. However, we loved its option for Remote Control. You can use your iPhone as the remote for changing and flipping flashcards on your Mac screen.

Rich content support is also worth noting. • Pricing and Availability As said, this app has two versions — Flashcard Hero and Flashcard Hero Lite. The full version costs $7.99. Its free version is somewhat limited. For instance, you can store a maximum of 20 cards in a deck.