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Change The Created Date For A File Mac 2017

вторник 08 января admin 1
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I would like to read the creation date of a file as it is represented on the Mac OS Finder. This is part of my code: require File::stat; use Time::localtime; ($dev, $ino, $mode, $nlink, $uid, $gid, $rdev, $size, $atime, $mtime, $ctime, $blksize, $blocks) = stat($file_path); print ctime($ctime). Zune software for mac download free music. ' n'; On the Finder, every file has two dates: created and modified. I assumed that $ctime would be equal to the 'created' date from the Finder, but it is completely different. Doing some research, I found out that most Unix operating systems don't store this kind of date, however, Mac OS does.

Jan 17, 2012 - Will ExifTool process a folder full of JPGs to change the Create date shown in the Finder so that it reflects the Date/Time of 'the moment the. However, when in Google Drive via the website, the created date is different (the date/time of upload), though the ‘file info’ will confirm the date has not changed. Just to complicate things. Scenario 3: Transfer from a USB. Mac OS X had no change to the dates. Windows showed an altered created date, but maintained the original last.

Change The Created Date For A File Mac 2017

Does anybody know a way to read this information from a file?