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Perf Tool For Mac

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I'm looking to install perf which is a kernel profiling tool for Linux. Basically I'm trying to trace all page faults, so I run equivalent of: sudo perf record -e page-faults -ag Is it possible to. For Video Card Performance: Cinebench R15. Last but not least is Maxon’s Cinebench R15, a free tool that tests two things: graphics card performance using OpenGL, and CPU performance.

Contents • • • • • • • • • • General purpose, language independent [ ] The following tools work based on log files that can be generated from various systems. • TimeToPic visualizes a log file. If system has logging facility, its output can be shown on visual timeline.

Developer can see from visualization what is happening on log. Trans mac torrent. Can be used for code and 'logic' level analysis. There are version for Windows and Linux. Supports log sizes up to 1 Gigabyte. • - can be used to determine the run time of a program, separately counting user time vs.

System time, and CPU time vs. Multiple languages [ ] The following tools work for multiple languages or binaries. Name/Manufacturer OS Compiler/Language What It Does License previously by Allinea Software Linux C, C++, Fortran/Fortran90 applications. Performance profiler. Shows I/O, communication, floating point operation usage and memory access costs. Supports multi-threaded and multi-process applications - such as those with or parallelism and scales to very high node counts. Proprietary by Windows.NET 1.0 to 4.0 applications (including ASP.NET applications), Silverlight 4.0 applications, Windows 32- and 64-bit applications including C, C++, for Win32 and VBScript and JScript functions Performance profiler and memory/resource debugging toolset Proprietary by Linux, Windows C, C++,Objective C.NET, Java (works at the executable level) GUI based code profiler; does only basic timer-based profiling on Intel processors.

Windows software converter for mac. Stellar is a fast and affordable converter for Mac and Windows that converts both audios and video files. It is one of the suitable software on converting both audios and Freemake lets you convert your music to universal MP3 formats for your Mac, Mobile Phone, PC, tablet or any other media player. Windows, Mac OS. MediaHuman Audio Converter is a freeware application for Mac OS X and Windows. It can help you to convert your music absolutely free to WMA, MP3, AAC, WAV, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, Apple Lossless format and bunch of others. Adapter converts images, audio and video on Mac and Windows. It's a user interface powered by FFmpeg with VLC previews and much more. That is Adapter - the ultimate converter app for Mac and PC.


As of Mar-2013, CodeAnalyst has been replaced by (see below). Free/open source (GPL) or proprietary by Linux, Windows For CPU profiling: C, C++,.NET, Java (works at the executable level). For GPU profiling and debugging: OpenCL. A tool suite that includes both GPU and CPU profilers, as well as a GPU debugger and a static kernel analyzer. Free/open source (MIT) by /.NET, Java Test suite that automatically detects and diagnoses software defects and performance problems. Proprietary by Solaris, Linux, BSD, Mac OS X Comprehensive dynamic tracing framework for troubleshooting kernel and application problems on production systems in real time. Free/open source () by RIO Linux, Windows Dynamic binary framework for the development of tools.

Free/open source - BSD Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Azure, AWS, AIX, Solaris, HP/UX, zOS, zLinux.NET, Java, PHP, HTML5, Ajax (for web sites), ObjectiveC/iOS, Java/Android, C/C++, CICS, Apache, Nginx, Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB, HBase Proprietary Linux, Windows, Mac, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Java, Works with any Language supported by the, Production safe Performance tools; debugger, java profiler, memory profiler Proprietary Windows 64-bit and 32-bit applications, C, C++,.NET, and dlls generated by any language compiler. Performance and memory profiler which identifies time-intensive functions and detects memory leaks and errors Proprietary Linux/Unix Any language supported by Several tools with combined sampling and call-graph profiling. A set of visualization tools,, uses the Call Graph Drawing Interface (CGDI) to interface with gprof. Another visualization tool which interfaces with gprof is. Free/open source - BSD version is part of and GNU version is part of (by ) Linux and Windows C, C++ and Fortran Vectorization (SIMD) optimization.