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Wordpress Program For Mac

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Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, PHP is an application that enables you to install WordPress on your Mac.As its moniker indicates, the program creates a local MySQL database and a PHP server on your Mac – both of which are essential for installing WordPress locally. Install WordPress locally on Windows or Mac WordPress is an open source web content management system that can be used to create both blogs and websites. Over the course of 10 years WordPress has become arguably the most popular content management system in the world.

When it comes to windows, there are many ways we can install WordPress locally, for example, we can use standalone software like or, but when it comes to Mac we have limited option. Recently, I installed WordPress on MacBook running OS X Yosemite, and since I find it very useful to have a local WordPress installation to write tutorials and to try out new things, finally today I decided to get a local WordPress environment for me. This tutorial will be helpful for people like me and you, who loves WordPress and planning to get a Local WordPress installation on MAC system. Bestbuy microsoft office 2011 for mac.

• • Along with this, you need to do few editing in Wp-config file and need to create a database via phpMyAdmin, which is very easy. Make sure to take advantage of Sticky Notes app in Mac to copy the details. MAMP is a software to create a personal Web server on your local system, and they offer a pro version too. Though, for our purpose a free version of MAMP is good enough to get started.

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Sadly, they don’t let download just the free version so the total size of downloading MAMP would be close to 150 MB. Install WordPress on Mac: A Complete DIY Tutorial So, once you have downloaded MAMP, install it like any other Mac software. If you are new to Mac, you can to learn to install the app on Mac system. Once MAMP is installed, open Mamp and start the server to check if it’s working fine or not. This is how the screen looks like. Click on Start servers to start the Mamp on your system.

Once the server starts, it will automatically open in a new browser tab. Create Database for WordPress locally: The next thing we need to do is to create a local database for WordPress installation. On the MAMP start up the page, click on Tools > PHPMyAdmin to access PHPMyAdmin. On phpMyAdmin and click on Database to create a new database.See the screenshot to easily understand the process. I have used sml_wp to create a database, and you can use anything according to your wish. Just remember the name of the database as we need it later for complete WordPress configuration. Now, you need to unzip WordPress file that you can have downloaded and go to Applications > MAMP> htdocs and copy the files from WordPress folder.

See the screenshot: Finishing WordPress Mac installation: So far, you have installed MAMP, configured it and unzipped WordPress folder to MAMP. Now, we need to make little changes and we will have WordPress running on Mac. Now under htdocs, simply rename the wp-config-sample.php to wp-config.php And open it to enter database details and user detail. Open Wp-config.php and add the following details: • Db name: Database you created. In my case: sml_wp • db_user: root • db_password: root Here is a screenshot of my wp-config.php file after editing: Now save the file and in your browser type and it will bring WordPress Install screen. The first step is to select the language of your WordPress installation. Click on Continue & on the next screen you need to enter basic details for your WordPress blog. Click on Install WordPress & now WordPress is successfully installed Locally on your Mac OS.