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Best Tool For Linking Salesforce With Outlook For Mac

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Word publisher for mac Although Microsoft has never released a version of Publisher on Mac, there are some far better alternatives which are not only cheaper, more powerful and in some cases, free. MS Publisher is different from Microsoft Word because it focuses more on Desktop Publishing (DTP). Pages is a word processing and desktop publishing application which was introduced by Apple in 2005 and is part of Apple’s iWork productivity suite. Pages is considered as one of the best alternatives to Microsoft Publisher for Mac users. Pages is compatible with Mac OS X and Apple iOS.

As a salesforce partner, one of the most common pieces of functionality we get asked to deploy or assist with is integration between Microsoft Outlook® and This can take a variety of forms. This article discusses the considerations and steps in configuring your Outlook application to work with Salesforce CRM. Most people think of 'email' when talk out Outlook, but the Salesforce for Outlook and the Connect for Microsoft Outlook desktop applications provided free to all Salesforce CRM customers using a PC can also synchronize calendar appointments ('events' in salesforce speak) and To-Do items ('tasks' in salesforce speak - only with the Connect product). Similar functionality is provided for LotusNotes users with a separate tool provided by Salesforce and to Apple Mac users running Mac Mail, Microsoft Entourage 2008 or Microsoft Outlook 2011, through the free and applications from PocketSoap. The considerations in this article are relevant to both PC and Apple Mac users, but the configuration discussion focuses on Connect for Microsoft Outlook. Why Integrate Mail, Calendar and Tasks with Salesforce?

One of my team members uses Outlook for Mac and needs to sync to Salesforce. The standard Salesforce for Outlook add-on is for Windows only. Is there a similar app for Mac? Stack Exchange Network. Salesforce for Outlook for Mac. Up vote 5 down vote favorite.

The key reason to create integrations between Outlook (or Mac Mail or Entourage or LotusNotes) and your CRM system is to ensure that Account, Contact, Lead and Opportunity specific data that is in Outlook (and pretty much visible only to the owner of the Outlook account) is reflected in the company CRM system so that (i) you have a single view of the relationship, (ii) other people on your team can have access to the information, and (iii) to assist in activity tracking. Additionally, by installing the applications discussed herein, creating Lead, Contacts and Cases on-the-fly from in-bound emails has never been easier. With Connect for Microsoft Outlook, you can chose to integrate each or all of Contacts, Calendar Appointments and To-Do items. Salesforce for Outlook Overview With the Winter '11 release, introduced the Salesforce for Outlook integration application ('S4O'). AkaCRM recommends the use of the new S4O product when your users have Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010. For overview of S4O and user installation instructions. Here are some key differences between S4O and Connect.

Best Tool For Linking Salesforce With Outlook For Mac

• With S4O, syncing happens automatically in the background. No more clicking a 'Sync' button. • S4O attempts to automatically associate records in Salesforce CRM. Items not associated are added to your 'My Unresolved Items' page where you can easily associate. With the Connect product, you have to manually associate records. • With S4O, administration settings are set by your administrator in the cloud.

Administrators can create multiple profiles for direction of sync and what items are synced. With the Connect product, each user had to configure the settings which can lead to improper configurations. The S4O solution is wonderful for administrators wanting better control. • With S4O, recurring events don't sync. • Also note that with S4O you cannot sync tasks, only Contacts and Calendar folders can be synced.

Mac • S4O does not support IMAP and POP3 email servers. • Finally, S4O supports both Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010. There is no support for Outlook 2002 or 2003 (use the Connect product if you are on these older versions). Connect for Microsoft Outlook Overview Connect for Microsoft Outlook ('Connect') is a free desktop application provided by The application provides the following functionality: • Synchronization of Contacts between Salesforce CRM and Outlook • Synchronization of Events between Salesforce CRM and Outlook • Synchronization of Tasks between Salesforce CRM and Outlook • Attaching in-bound emails received in Outlook to their associated Contact in Salesforce CRM • Sending out-bound emails from Outlook and associating to the correct Salesforce CRM Contact • Creating Cases in Salesforce CRM from in-bound emails • And more.