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Word For Mac How To Change Case Back To Default

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While testing HTML software in MS Word 14, a collaborator opened a.docx that happened to be in 75% Zoom. The following day, my MSW14 App opened in 75% View, changing the original settings of the App. I deleted Normal.dotm and reopened the App, and to my dismay, the condition still existed. I then decided to type some characters into my MS Word 14, change the View to 100% and save the file. I closed MS Word then reopened the App. Everything returned to normal (100% View).


I have just finished testing my results in my library using three different machines. Mac My findings showed that this is a continually ongoing situation. Simply stated in this case, if you want to change the default Zoom settings, try adhering to the 'Save As View yyy%' situation.

Any suggestion on how to truly change the default page orientation from landscape back to portrait, for printing (e.g., in Mail, Safari, TurboTax, etc.)? Use an application that has Page Setup, such as TextEdit. Set the orientation to Portrait, then chose 'Save As Default' in the Settings menu. That should reset it.