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Merge Duplicate Contacts In Outlook 2011 For Mac

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Fort Myers, FL, USA – December 13, 2011 – WebMinds releases a new version of its best-selling software, Easy Duplicate Finder.The new version offers Microsoft Outlook support and introduces the option to scan and merge duplicate Outlook contacts.

ICloud is a cloud storage and computing service by Apple Inc., which allows you to store photos, music, contacts, bookmarks, reminders, backups, notes, passwords, applications and settings. This service was released by Apple in 2011 and has over 800 million users. ICloud Drive allows you to access and share files across all your devices and even with other iCloud users. ICloud gives free 5GB worth of storage to all its users. Every night, iCloud automatically backs up the entire device. This keeps all devices in sync and makes device migration really easy. Lately, many iCloud users have found duplicate contacts on their devices (iPhone, iPhone X, iPad, MacBook, iMac and PC).

This is caused by more than one manual backup or because of frequent backing up of contacts. Remove Duplicate Contacts on MacOS MacOS users are those who have access to an iMac or a MacBook. All Apple users with an iMac or MacBook can easily delete duplicates with the help of an inbuilt application called contacts. This address book syncs all your contacts from iCloud and helps in managing them. This in-built application has a feature to detect and delete duplicates. When manually importing contacts, the app will ask you to review duplicates to either merge duplicates or keep both contacts.

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However if you want to clean already existing duplicates from your iCloud then: – • Go to Launchpad and open contacts on your device. • Select the card option from the top bar. • Select on “Look For Duplicates”.

• It automatically detects duplicate contacts and a popup will prompt asking you to merge duplicate contacts or cancel. Click on merge to proceed. Quickbooks pro desktop 2016 for mac. • Go to, sign in with your iCloud email and click on contacts. • Click on the cogwheel on the bottom left corner and press refresh. This will remove all duplicate contacts by syncing with your devices. Remove Duplicate Contacts on Windows 7/8/8.1 or 10 PC users use iCloud for Windows, which helps them to sync and use iCloud with Microsoft outlook.

Microsoft outlook have add-ons which make this possible. Only compatible PCs can run iCloud for PC such as iCloud for Windows 7 to iCloud for Microsoft Windows 10, and it uses Outlook 2007-2016 to sync. An iCloud user can sync their data on PC by simply downloading iCloud for PC and Microsoft outlook, and then sign in on Outlook with their iCloud Id. To clear duplicate contacts on iCloud: – • Open outlook • Click on people • In home tab under current view, click bottom right corner of views box and then click on the phone icon. This view helps you delete contacts faster. • In the list of contacts, press and hold Ctrl and click on each contacts with left mouse button to select. • Press Ctrl+D to delete them.

Close Outlook. • Go to iCloud for Windows window and un-tick mails, contacts, calendar and tasks and press apply. • Tick on mails, contacts, calendar and tasks again and press apply. This will refresh and sync new changes in contacts. • Usually when importing contacts to outlook, it detects and asks to erase duplicate. Always click erase. For more information you can visit Remove Duplicate Contacts on iPhone or iPad Users Duplicate contacts on phone are often occurred because iCloud syncs the devices at night when it is connected to Wi-Fi.