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In Word For Mac How Can Move In Documents Other Than Scrolling

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Pages is a word processor and a page layout tool that helps you create great-looking newsletters, reports, and other productivity documents. You can seamlessly access your Pages docs on iPad, iPhone and Mac computer via iCloud. Moreover, it's also pretty easy to share your Pages documents with colleagues and friends by using. And this article will show you how to share the Pages documents between iPad, iPhone and computer. download for mac. On scrolling up/down a document window, other document will automatically be scrolled in the same same way. Just click Reset Window Position to reset the original position of both document windows. You can also check out previously reviewed guides on How to Insert and Embed Excel spreadsheet in Word 2010 & Inserting Line Number in Word 2010. Or you can use the Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut. Either way, the Go To tab portion of the Find and Replace dialog box appears. Select which element to go to, such as a page, from the scrolling list on the left side of the dialog box.

Don't Miss: Tips about the Pages Document Format Pages allows you to open Microsoft Office files or you can save the doc as Word.doc files. Other Pages supports file formats include RTF, ePub, or PDF file, which are compatible with iBooks on iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. How to Share Pages Documents between iPad and Computer To share Page documents from your iPad with friends, you need to authorize his/her computer first. After that, run iTunes on computer > Plug in your iPad > Click the iPad tab on the top side of iTunes.

In Word For Mac How Can Move In Documents Other Than Scrolling

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