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Why Can't I Format My Text In Excel For Mac

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We can use custom number formatting to create our own. Anytime you show negative values with parentheses, you should also add an indent to the 2) If I make the cell format TEXT to correct for the scientific notation problem, the custom format options in Excel for text are extremely limited. Best Operating System: MAC OS X Application: Microsoft Query X and Microsoft Excel X. Symptom: When you start a new worksheet and use Data - Get External Data - New Database Query, select a data source and click on 'Show Tables' MS Query X displays the tables dialogue but no tables are shown.

Question: Somebody sent me an Excel spreadsheet in which some of the data is unreadable since it has been replaced by text consisting of hashtag signs only I’ve seen this happening before, and the remedy used to be just to broaden the column, since all number that are too large to fit their cell width are automatically made unreadable However, in this case, if I broaden the column width, some of the hashtag text will turned into readable numbers, but other hashtag text will remain, no matter how wide I make the column What is wrong? And how can I fix this?

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Answer: This seems to be a problem with Excel for Windows files that are opened in Excel for Mac (possibly more specifically with data copied or converted from another application into Excel on a Windows-PC).