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2011 Word For Mac And Formatting Changes

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Page Layout in Word 2011 (Mac Version). To change the orientation of the page that you are working on. The purpose of a section break is to store information about the formatting of the preceding section, specifically the information.

Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program that is part of the Microsoft Office suite of products. This ITS training document deals with Word 2011, which is the latest version of Word for the Mac. New Features When you open Word 2011 for the Mac, the following screen will display: Word Training for Mac 1 Explore the Word user interface • Menu bar: The area at the top of the screen where all menus are displayed. The File, Edit, and View menus have the most commonly used menu commands. • Standard toolbar: The toolbar that displays the name of the document (in this case, Document1) and buttons for some of the most common tasks, such as opening, saving, and printing a document. • Ribbon: The tabbed command bar at the top of a window. The ribbon is a supplement to the traditional menu bar.

It combines the Formatting Palette and Elements Gallery from previous versions of Office, and gives you quick and convenient access to the features and tools that you use the most. Commands are organized into the tabs (such as Home tab, Layout tab) and are included in the ribbon for formatting, inserting elements, and layouts. Getting started with the ribbon and the element galleries. In Microsoft Word 2011 the ribbon is located directly below the standard toolbar and is organized into seven different tabs with scrolling galleries that consist of different commands.

The seven scrolling galleries each have their content divided into the sections. While using the tabs, only one tab can be active at a time. Home Tab The left most tab in all Word documents. It contains the features and commands that you will probably use the most. Microsoft office 2011 mac downloads. Each tab is arranged into logical and related groups.

For example, Font, Paragraph, Styles, and Insert. You can view several thumbnails of styles, themes, or other formats, or you can expand the list to see them all.

Some expanded lists have additional menu items at the bottom. For example, on the Home tab, under Styles, click the right arrow to scroll through the styles. To expand the list to see all the styles point to a style and then click the down arrow. Layout Tab Allows you to do page setup, set margins, text layout, page background and grid. Word for mac 2011 different margins first page. • By using the layouts you can change the page margins for the whole document, change the page margins for part of the document, indent a paragraph to change its margins and set default margins for all new documents. To know more about layouts see,. • Commands for page set up can be found under the layout tab.

Here you can find the commands for orientation, page break and size. By default the page orientation is set to “Portrait”; you can change it to “Landscape” which allows you to work in a larger workspace. The size gallery displays several different paper size options which allows you to change the size of the pages into different ratios. Documents Elements Tab Allows you to insert pages, table of contents, header, footer, citation, references, text elements and mathematical equations. • Microsoft 2011 comes with several predefined document elements that allow you to add pieces to your document, like a cover page, a table of contents, a header, a footer, and a bibliography.