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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop For Mac-silver ( 65u-00001 )

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Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop For Mac-silver ( 65u-00001 ) Rating: 5,9/10 1197 votes

The Achilles HeelThis keyboard totally fails in the software department. First off, the zoom slider is useless for the most part. It dosen't tie into Universal access, rather, enlarges on an application basis only. So in a web browser, instead of making the whole screen bigger, it just makes the text on the page bigger. Next, many of the preset mapped fucntions are illogical.

One of your mouse button is default mapped to nothing at all. Next, the cool spotlight button doesn't bring up spotlight, rather a plain find window. How to get word 2011 on mac for free. Also, this function only worked properly in a few apps.

In addition, there's no way to map this button to spotlight. Next, when assigning hot buttons, you're limited in functionality. You just drag and drop your favorite app into the window right?

You'll be navigating to the files path via a browser window. And forget about assigning anything fancy, like spotlight or system preferences. Other QualmsFor some reason, the Microsoft driver kept telling me that the my signal was weak, even though the keyboard and mouse were inches from the base station.

65U-00001 Customer Reviews: 2.8 out of 5 stars 51 customer reviews. 2.8 out of 5 stars Best Sellers Rank #342,832 in Electronics (See Top 100 in Electronics) Discontinued by manufacturer. 5. New on blu-ray dvd this week 0 out of 5 stars Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac. January 4, 2010. Verified Purchase.


The range on the unit was also quite low, anything beyond 8-10 feet was useless. The base station is also a little bulky. Next, the big delete key (not the backspace key) wouldn't allow me to delete. The mouse picked up well on most surfaces, but still wouldn't register on glass. Finally, I hate keyboards that have the keyboard shortcuts printed on the keys themselves. Who needs those? If you're using shortcuts, odds are, you don't need it printed on your keys as a reminder.

ConclusionThe Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac is a great piece of hardware that suffers from some really limiting software. It's good to see more Microsoft products coming to the Mac, but they seriously need to develop better software for interfacing with OS X. On the plus side, my old PC has a really nice new keyboard. PROS: • Unique visual design, silver with translucent keys.

• Extremely comfortable ergonomic key layout without the goofy shape of most ergonomic keyboards. • Leather palm rest is very comfortable and classy • iTunes buttons work within any application, extremely convenient. • Mouse is quite comfortable • Included CD includes drivers for PC, just in case. (Software works great on my PC!) CONS: • Zoom won't englarge screen via universal accessability, instead simply enlarging within an application basis. • One of the buttons default maps to NOTHING • Scroll wheel is not cliky, it's smooth.

Scrolling however, is still clicky. • Had to install 2 pieces of software to use hot buttons, AND had to restart. • Base station is extremely bulky.

• Cool spotlight button is actually just a find function. No way to make it spotlight. • Mappable functions limited • Keyboard Shortcuts printed on keys • Still didn't pick up on glass • Keeps telling me my wireless signal is low, from inches away? • 8-10 ft range Pages: 2 Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop for Mac.