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System Requirements For Office 2016 For Mac

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Microsoft Office 16 or Office 16 is one of the versions of the popular productivity suite by Microsoft named Office. The version for Mac OS was released on 9th July 2015 which succeeded the Office 2011 for Mac OS as well as Office 2013 for Windows. The support for Office 16 for Mac will end on 13th October 2020 for buyers. For buyers with extended support, it will end on 14th October 2025. The permanent license version of Microsoft Office for mac 2016 was released on 22nd September 2015.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 brought a wave of new features to the Mac version of Microsoft Office. Some of these features include a new and updated user interface which makes the use of ribbons, complete support for Retina Display for Retina Display enabled products and new methods of sharing for Office documents. Minimum System Requirements for Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 To run Microsoft Office 2016 on Mac, you should have Mac OS Yosemite (version 10.10) installed on your system. Additional system requirements are as follows:- • 1 GB or more of RAM • 2.5 GB of available hard disk space • An Intel processor • A DVD Drive (if installing from disk) • LAN Connection (If installing from a network) • Mac OS Extended or HFS+ hard disk format • 1280 x 800 or higher resolution monitor • Safari 5 or later (recommended) Download Microsoft Office 2016 Mac ISO. Key features of Microsoft Office for Mac 2016. • New features in Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 include an all new updated Ribbon interface which is similar to the Windows version and has the same functions.

Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 also comes with full support for Retina Display Screens which was absent in previous versions of Office for Mac. • New Document Sharing Features were introduced in the 2016 variant of Microsoft Office for Mac for more efficient and secure collaboration and sharing of documents. For better collaboration, Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 supports real time co-authoring which was seen first on Google Docs. It allows multiple people to work on the same document in realtime from their respective devices.

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• For Microsoft Word, there is a new tab named Design which contains tools to alter the visual features of the document. Along with the design tab, Microsoft Office for Mac 2016 also has an Insights feature which offers insights to your document and related information which is powered by the famous search engine Bing which is also owned by Microsoft.

• In Microsoft Excel for Mac, there are some new features for better productivity. A Recommended Charts feature is introduced which can quickly create a chart that's right for you based on the data you want it to represent.

Along with recommended charts, Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac also has a new Pivot Table Slicer feature which is an interactive control that makes it an easy job to filter data in a pivot table. • In Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac, there are many new theme variants added which also provides multiple colour schemes for a single theme based on on choice. This provides multiple variants for the same theme so no two presentations will look same again. It also provides theming options which enables users to theme the presentation according to the data being presented. Also, in the 2016 variant of Microsoft Office Powerpoint for Mac, Microsoft added Threaded comments which enables the collaborators to have useful conversations which are placed right next to the relevant text being discussed. • In Microsoft Outlook, there is a new “Propose New Time” feature which is useful in a situation when you receive a meeting request for a time you're not available, due to this feature, you can decline the request for a meeting and propose a new time for the same and the organiser can either accept or decline your proposal.

Minimum requirements for office 2016 mac

• Also, a new weather forecast feature is added in the calendar view in Outlook 2016 for mac to plan your meetings according to the weather. Also, Microsoft added voice mail previews for Outlook 2016 which uses Microsoft’s advanced speech recognition technologies which converts voice mail to text format and sends it to the user as an Email for more efficient management of voice mails. Microsoft Office for Mac 2016: How to Install If you have a subscription for office 2016 mac download then you can download and install it from the official website by following these steps:- • Sign in to your Microsoft Account • Visit in your browser • Go to the page named Office • Under the section named “Install Office 2016 for Mac” select Install to begin office 2016 mac download free full version installer software. • Once the download has completed, open Finder, go to Downloads, and double-click the package named Microsoft_Office_2016_Installer.pkg. The package name might vary slightly • Once you see the first installation screen, select Continue to begin the installation process for Office 2016 for Mac.

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