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Memory For 15 Inch Mac Early 2015

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========================Full Story======================== Several months after purchasing my MacBook Pro Early 2015 with 128gb, I found myself needing more storage. I had allocated a significant amount of the SSD to Bootcamp so I could run Windows. One day I was editing a video on Final Cut Pro. When it was time to export that video, I received the message that the destination drive was full. There was at least 30gb of free space before I started working on the project.

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Apparently Final Cut Pro needed more than that. I temporarily solved my problem by connecting an external drive. But then I thought of ways I could solve the problem forever. I researched all over the internet to see if there was any word on Third-Party SSD’s.

I wasn’t very lucky. One day I looked at the iFixit teardown guide and took a close look at the SSD. I then researched the model number and anything I could find relating to the SSD. And then I found something. Several eBay listings that claimed to have the SSD that works with the 2015 MacBook Pro. The description simply said it was pulled from a factory computer. The reviews on this particular seller were 100% positive.


So I took the plunge. I waited for it along with the pentalobe screw driver. And as soon as it showed up, I went ahead and made this video for you guys. I am now writing this from my upgraded MacBook Pro, and I must say I am very much satisfied with it. If you were to follow my footsteps, please make sure you read the reviews. I don’t want anyone to lose their money because of a scam.

It might take a while for you to actually get one because most sellers only have a few on hand. Most likely these SSD’s were taken from computers with other kind of problems. Rosetta stone for mac download. That’s why they exist. ======================Short Version====================== If you read the whole story above, you do not need to read this part. Basically, I researched the SSD model number taken from the iFixit guide, and I found some on eBay.

The description said it was taken from a factory computer. Most likely computers with other kinds of problems not relating to the SSD. The reviews the seller had were 100% positive so I went ahead and purchased it. I am now writing this from my upgraded MacBook Pro, and I must say I am very much satisfied with it. ======================What you need====================== iFixit Teardown guide - Make a bootable USB Install drive - Pentalobe P5 - Torx T5 - Link to my SSD.