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Download Quicktime Pro For Mac

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QuickTime for Mac is the most popular Media Player Application, which supports almost all video formats. Download QuickTime for Mac Free. QuickTime for Macbook Pro is the product of Apple, which gives you a very fluid interface as like other Apple tools.

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Create compelling slideshows—complete with a soundtrack? Record video and share it with friends and family? You can do all of that — and much more — with QuickTime7 Pro. Available for Mac OS X and Windows, QuickTime 7 Pro offers a perfect solution for anyone who enjoys watching, recording, creating or sharing high-quality multimedia. Convert Your Media Want to watch your home movies on the go or in your living room?

QuickTime 7 Pro allows you to easily export any file playable in to a format optimized for iPhone, iPod, Apple TV or a variety of other devices. Just open a movie in QuickTime 7 Pro, select Export from the File menu and choose your destination in the Export drop-down menu. A great way to create video podcasts! Show the World QuickTime Pro allows you to easily prepare your content for distribution on the Internet.

Use Export for Web from the File menu to create versions of your movie optimized for web-delivery to iPhone and the desktop in one easy step. Astounding New Codec And as a powerful application ideal for creating high-quality audio and video content, QuickTime 7 Pro lets you create H.264 video, capture audio and video, create multi-channel audio and export multiple as you continue to or video. Powerful and easy to use, it’s also very affordable. You can upgrade to QuickTime 7 Pro for just $29.99 — why, that’s just 8 cents a day for a year. Then you can take advantage of QuickTime 7 Pro to: Capture Audio/Video. Use a FireWire camera to capture video footage and/or audio and quickly edit and share video postcards with your family.

You can even record audio only for adding a voiceover to your video.

Apple QuickTime. Whether you are creating content for delivery on cell phones, broadcast or the Internet, or a software developer looking to take your application to the next level, QuickTime provides the most comprehensive platform in the industry. Video player for mac.

Download quicktime pro for mac free

With a rock-solid foundation that you can trust and a host of innovative features that create the most cutting-edge multimedia experiences for your customers, QuickTime is the obvious choice for all of your digital media needs. What's New in Apple QuickTime.