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Firefox For Mac Snow Leopard

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Older versions of Firefox (Mac): Click on the Tools menu at the top; Click on 'Add-ons' Click on 'Plugins' FInd the Java plugin listed on this screen. For Leopard and Snow Leopard ( Mac OSX 10.5 & 10.6), this plugin will be called 'Java Plug-in 2 for NPAPI Browser.' On Lion (Mac OSX 10.7), this plugin will be called 'Java Applet Plug-in.

Mac is always been termed as one of the most elegant operating system. What adds spice to the meal is its themes.

Themes are something which adds taste to your PC. It replicated your emotions, interest, personality and mind-set. So here is a collection of most preferred for Mac. Snow Leopard Black OS theme for Mac Snow Leopard is one of the most widely used Mac themes, hence it is compatible with almost all versions. This theme is specially built for 32 Bit and (X64) 64 Bit systems. It is simple, powerful and once in all an attractive theme to look at.

This theme is available in basic, general. The icons is an additional attractive part of this theme. Download this at 2. Crystal Black theme for Mac Crystal Black is a theme for OS which gives a glossy and a very beautiful look. Based on the legendary Cathode theme for ShapeShifter, the buttons and widgets are. The text is white in color as to act as contrast to black and dark colored backgrounds. There are a set of icons and custom graphics for popular Apple and third-party.

It is very easy to use and you can activate this theme for entire system or for particular applications too. This version update refines implementation of functions introduced in 1.2.2 and is particularly recommended for Lion users. It includes custom interface mods for many popular applications from both Apple and third-party developers. To install this theme you will require minimum of 2GB of RAM, running at least two processors at a minimum speed of 2Ghz. Download this at 3. Firefox theme for Mac Firefox provide a huge collection of themes for. One of the most popular launch is Nasa Night Launch.

• Right-click on the Form Field and select Properties. In Word 2013, the document must be saved as a 'Word 97-2003 Document': Preparing Template for List View Export List View Export to a Word Merge field required the fields used be Word Merge instead of the old bookmarks which is described above. • Click on the Text Form Field button Word 2010 Word 2013 • A Text Form Field will be inserted at the cursor location. This method will also work for Word Merge fields used outside of the list view. Insert text field in word for mac. Then provide a name for the field in the Bookmark section.

It is a dark theme inspired by the night launch of STS-116 and is completely free of cost. It comes out with the perfect styling of the Bookmarks and History Menus on OS X. It styles every window in Firefox, and many extensions too. If you are using userstyle to fix the menubar with NNL, You can stop that now, because that will not be required anymore once you switch to this theme.

NNL offers subskins to let you tweak the look of the browser, above and beyond what the theme already does. For example, these screenshots show how you can use subskins to pump up the toolbar with custom NASA imagery. You will only have to upgrade NNL 0.6.20111220.

Download this at You can also check out some of our best collection of mobile themes at.

I initially thought to post this in the Older OS X Version forum, then realised that there was nothing earlier there than OS Lion (10.7). My query relates to an Intel MacBookPro2,1 2006 17' laptop, and knowing there is an active Club 17 thread on this forum and also a number of very knowlegeable guys here with pre-Intel PowerBooks and Intel Macbooks I thought this may be the best chance to get a reasonable answer to my query. I'm preparing a 17' Intel MacBookPro2,1 for local sale here after having completely refurbished it.


I've changed the OS 10.6.8 'Snow Leopard' language to French. This configuration with a highly 'tweaked' FireFox 8.0.2 browser in English (updated from FireFox 10.0.1) worked a treat, and the laptop ran splendidly. I now wish to find the equivalent i.e. Latest FireFox browser in French, and this is where I'm having difficulties. From OldVersion site I found and installed a FireFox French version 3.6.24.