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Sims 4 Mod Conflict Detector For Mac

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These are custom interactions + some extras that are used to make custom foods, plus a script that adds the interactions to various stoves and fridges in game. They were originally posted by plasticbox in this upload but we moved them over to a group account to be able to maintain them better. This group account is currently maintained by plasticbox, icemunmun, graycurse, necrodog and ohmysims. Compatible with the patch PC Version / Mac Version (Dec 6, 2016.) please always make sure to keep the interaction script and package files up to date Release Notes: Quote: Please note that the recipe lists by members are only the announcement of upcoming recipes. We will update this post to link to the actual recipes each time new one is released. You can also use #Custom Food tag for searching completed recipes.

Update 2016-12-8: Version 2.1 1. GeneralUpdated Chinese and Italian translation.Changed all those strings [Order xxx food] to [Have xxx food] so that the texts can be used in more various occasions. Adds resources for custom recipes by ohmysimsKFC Bucket 3. How do i add a font on a mac for adobe.

Adds resources for custom recipes by icemunmunBiriyani, Pistachio Biscotti, Pistachio Creme Cupcake Update 2016-11-21: Version 2.0 1. GeneralUpdated Chinese, Spanish, Italian translation.fixed the issue where the [Cook Custom Food] menu text goes invisible when sims are inspired.changed the menu [Bake Custom Pizzas] to [Bake Custom Food], and moved previous baking recipes to it.Sims will autonomously cook custom vegetarian foods, too.Added new purchase interactions so that foods can be purchased from bars (Basegame), espresso bar (EP01), food truck (CC) and vending machines (CC). // *note: required files for these function will be released soon.Added new purchase interactions for Ice cream machine (SP03), ice cream truck (CC), ice cream cart (CC) and display (CC).Now that the Candy Dispenser mod by icemunmun is compatible with this mod, the candies can be purchased from both EP01 and custom vending machines as well. Adds resources for custom recipes by ohmysimsJjamppong, Gunmandu, Tangsuyuk, and Chinese takeout 3. Adds resources for custom recipes by icemunmunMasala Dosa, Chana Masala, Chello Kabab, Chicken Stoganoff, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Rum Balls, Log Cake, and Caramel Custard. Adds resources for custom recipes by Leniad29 pies: Chicken Pot, Woolton, Shepherds, Spinach, Spinach Cream, Chicken and Mushroom, Steak and Kidney, Mince, Plantain and Beef, Sweet Potato, Treacle Tart, Pumpkin, Pecan, Pastafrola, Key Lime, Custard, Coconut, Chocolate Charamel Tart, Chess, Chocolate, Peach, Lemon Meringue, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Pear, Orange Dreamsicle, Strawberry Whipped Cream, Lemon Curd, Blackberry. Update 2016-11-3: Version 1.9.1 This is a hotfix release.

Apparently the old version was corrupted while being uploaded, so the files are compiled and compressed again. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Update 2016-10-30: Version 1.9 Updated for Patch (Thank you @graycurse) Update 2016-08-7: Version 1.8 1. General:now custom deserts, microwave food, and snacks have their own picker menus instead of the old pie menu.moved all the pizza recipes to the [Bake Custom Pizza] interaction.added custom icons in front of every custom menu so that they can be distinguished from EA menus.added new interaction menus to the vending machine (EP01), coolers (GP01), and ice cream machine (SP03). (Note: although certain EP/GP/SP are required for the new menus to work, this mod is still basegame compatible.) 2. Adds resources for custom recipes by ohmysimsCup Ramen, Jjajangmyeon, Baskin Robbins ice cream, and random ice creamfixed the issue where the Instant Ramen (single serving) doesn't appear on some menus. Adds resources for custom recipes by necrodogMole, Pozole, Pastor Tacos and Neapolitan Flan Update 2016-07-18: Version 1.7 1.

Most Popular in Game Mods. You are currently viewing all Sims 4 Mods. Mod Conflict Detector for The Sims 4 by DmitryMalfatto DOWNLOAD Tool to detect conflicting.

Adds resources for custom recipes by necrodog15 Pizzas: Vegan Margherita, Mexican, Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Cheese, Canadian Bacon, Moroccan, Veggie, Eggplant vegan, Tomato Spinach, Tomato mushroom, Shrimp, Ground beef, Chicken Buffalo and Bacon Egg.The same 15 pizzas as mini version for home and restaurants single serving. Adds resources for custom recipes by ohmysimsInstant Ramen. Update 2016-07-6: Version 1.6 1. Adds resources for custom recipes and chopsticks by ohmysimsSushi Set (external link), Octopus Udon, Tempura Shrimp Udon, Zaru Soba 2. Adds resources for custom recipes by icemunmunTandori Chicken, Paratha, Lasgna, Bluberry Pie, Raspberry pie, Blueberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Muffin, Raspberry tart, Raspberry Cupcake We will soon welcome 2 new members to our group: necrodog and ohmysims Update 2016-05-18: Version 1.5 Adds resources for custom recipes by icemunmunPeach Crumble, Peach pie, Raita, Hot and Sour Soup, Stu Surprise. Update 2016-02-2: Version 1.4 Adds resources for custom recipes by icemunmunAdds Olive And Lemon Spaghetti, Olive Bread, Olive And Cheese PlateChanges to Fruit Salad to Breakfast and Brunch (from Lunch and dinner) Update 2016-01-26: Version 1.3Custom Breakfast, Brunch, and Microwave Snack options added (most of them are still empty except to accomodate Microwave Pizza). Update 2016-01-23: Version 1.2Fruit Salad added to fridge picker and Serve Lunch/Dinner pie menu.

Note that if a function key doesn’t work as you expect, then press the fn key in addition to the function key. Some popular shortcut keys are listed below; a complete list can be found. This even works on your Mac laptops, where delete is actually the backspace key. Chart in excel with two axis.