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Quicken Premier 2016 For Mac

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Quicken Premier 2016 For Mac Rating: 9,9/10 6880 votes

One of the improvements in Quicken 2016 was the conversion of multiple older versions of Quicken. Specifically, there is full support to move from Quicken for Windows (2010 or greater) or the 2007 version of Quicken for Mac.

As a daily user, I upgraded to Quicken 2016 this week. The changes aren’t very significant but I chose to upgrade anyway. So here’s my Quicken 2016 review, with my thoughts about the latest version as well as an updated look at my and an updated Credit Score just for fun! 27-Nov-16: An updated Quicken 2017 review is also available. Quicken 2016 – what is it?

Quicken 2016 is the latest release in one of the few remaining desktop finance applications for PCs & Macs. Other cloud-based alternatives (,, etc) are very popular and growing at a fast rate and products such as have also gained a lot of traction. Intuit, the company who makes Quicken, is concentrating on cloud and online services with its popular (and free) website as well as its product for small business and services such as Quicken Bill Pay. Intuit also makes the popular software. They announced in 2015 that Quicken is, which is certainly a point to keep in mind considering the lackluster improvements in the latest 2016 version.

Of course they’re promising a bright future for Quicken although the evidence in the form of Quicken 2016 does not bode well. Quicken 2016 comes in several different versions – Starter ($39.99), Deluxe ($74.99) and Premier ($104.99). If you are interested in purchasing Quicken, I suggest you shop around instead of buying directly from Intuit or using their Quicken upgrade offer.

I bought my version of from Amazon for $54.99, a 50% discount from the ‘official’ $104.99 price and cheaper than Intuit’s special price pf $62.99. Is $29.99 at the time I wrote this, compared to the official $74.99. Quicken Editions The Starter edition is only for new Quicken users as it doesn’t offer the ability to import older Quicken files. The Deluxe version is the standard version for most people and you only need the Premier version if you have investments at brokerages which you want to manage and review. You can see a more detailed comparison at. I use the investing features which are only available with Quicken Premier so that’s the only version I’m interested in. All versions of Quicken work with a free mobile app.

I’ve never used the app nor have I ever found myself needing to use one, so I won’t really comment on that. But it’s there if you want it. I turn off the “cloud synchronizing” feature which enables the mobile app functionality. Installation and upgrade Since I bought my copy from Amazon, I simply needed to download the 150MB installation file. It took about 6 minutes to uninstall Quicken 2015, install Quicken 2016 and import my data file to the latest version. Now I think my data file is pretty big at 80MB as I have transactions going back to 2009, but it imported everything without any problems and I had no issues starting up Quicken afterwards. The installation does backup your Quicken 2015 file, so if something did go wrong you can always reinstall the older version and open up the saved file. IDs, Passwords and Security I didn’t have to fuss about license keys or anything like that during the installation, although I did need to enter my “Intuit ID” to register.

This is an online ID which works across a range of Intuit products and it can also be linked with the login too; (although I wonder for how much longer). Because Quicken is a more traditional desktop app storing your data on your computer, you can lock your Quicken Data with the Intuit ID, or with a custom password, preventing it from being opened. Convert exe to app for mac. Pdf to word converter software free download for mac. And you can also use only the older “Vault password” instead, this password is required to be entered to gain access to your banking credentials for downloading transactions etc. New Features for 2016 So I freely admit that I’m underwhelmed by the and that probably comes across in my comments below.

It’s not that Quicken 2016 is bad, it’s just that it offers nothing new and is almost unchanged from 2015. Here’s a summary of the four new ‘features’ which are being offered for your hard-earned money: • Quicken Bill Pay. For the princely sum of it’s now a bit easier to pay bills online with Quicken and the add-on Quicken Bill Pay service. Let me think about that: does that for free from their mobile app / website and even pays the postage when mailing a check; Quicken charges $10 a month. Hmm a tough call.

(Some banks may also offer a Quicken compatible service for free or for a charge) • Easier upgrade from Windows to Mac. I’m not sure why this is listed as a Windows app feature, but apparently the Mac version can now understand a Windows Quicken file better?