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Office For Mac Junk Email Settings

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If you right-click the Junk Email folder and click Empty, the contents of the Junk Email folder will be moved to the Deleted Items folder. If you are forwarding your account: To another Office 365 account: The spam message will be forwarded.

I'm used of MS Office for the PC, but recently got an iMac and i'm running Lion with Office 2011 for the Mac. Outlook for the PC was easy to add a sender to either the block or allow list. Just right-click on the email and the selection to block or allow was there. With the Mac version, my only choices are Mark as Junk and Block Sender. If I want to allow the sender, that's not the choice I want.

The mac version does have a Safe Domains list and a Blocked Senders list. However, the only way I see to add to the list is manual. I've got to type or copy and past into the list which is a big step back from right-click, selection.

Additionally, with the PC version I could specify the sender was ok, but not give an ok to the entire domain. Have I missed something, or is Mac Outlook woefully behind the times here? Here's why I find this so inconvenient. It's not that I'm finding a bunch of emails in the junk folder that shouldn't be. What's happening is that outlook is automatically not downloading images in the email and I'm continually having to click on the download pics button. In windows, all I had to do was right-click on the mail and select either add sender or add sender's domain to the safe list. Now to get that done I'm going to have copy the email address, navigate to the safe domains list, paste it in, delete that part of the email address that is not the domain, click ok and done.

Outlook is blocking the download of pics in all emails in my inbox, not just the ones it sends to my junk folder. I find this incredibly inconvenient.

If etupo, you might be interested to know that Comcast email accounts are now IMAP-enabled. Mac outlook setting for comcast email.

Outlook's help says it blocks embedded pictures in messages it assigns to the junk folder. It's doing that for my inbox too. I don't want pictures automatically downloaded unless I've given approval via adding it to the safe list.

It used to be so much easier. BTW, I've added a couple of domains to the safe domains list.

Apparently you can't hit return when adding to that list, so the domains I add will all so on the same line? The easiest way to reach the safe senders list is tools > Junk e-mail protection. Your correct. The adding of a save sender requires you to place commas between each entree. Another option is to create a sender as a contact. Outlook 201 will not regard any messages sent from a contact as junk. Testing showe picture came through without having to change junk levels.