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Pacetune Photo Editor For Mac Mini Is Free Online

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Tht d >' namic aspect represents the free ' ^' cr ' a,lon m, ' nns of multiplicity. Interpretation for several reasons Mini and life do not c ol c automati- cal) but under. E cosm,c P ur P oie The fund a mental aspect of suffering in the image of l. Presented in 1 iartdas Chaudhry, 'h pace. Tune and Eternity'*, Sn Aurobindo. Pixlr Editor was once available as a downloadable desktop app for Windows and Mac, but earlier this year its developer announced that the free photo editor would be going online-only.

Full text of ' jJiLLd Diird SIXTY-SIXTH V EAR JANUARY 18, 1960 THE AMUSEMENT INDUSTRY'S LEADING NEWSWEEKLY Cap Takes Major Reorganization Step Dissolves CRI Sales & Merchandising Division; Marketing Functions to CRDC B> III ZIIITO HOI I. V WOOD — Capitol Rec- ti >■ Inc.

ArcSoft MediaImpression Version Upgrade Patch Target CD-ROM : • NEC Projector User Supportware 6 (7N951311) • Supported Projector (MODEL NO.) : NP3250 / NP2250 / NP1250 / NP3250W ※NOTE:Upgraded Version is included in the 2nd version CD-ROM (7N951312). Projector for mac.

Last week dissolved Its Sale* a Merchandising Divi- sion and surrendered its marketing functions to ii> wholly owned sub- ttdhtrv. Capitol Records Distribute ing Corporation. At a result of this structural change.

CRI now will concern ittelf only with the planning and creation of new products and CROC will handle all phases of marketing them, including sales. Re - elected veepee and TRIX' board member and named to the newly created post ol Director of Operations Planning. Bill Tallant. Former CRI admin- istrator of merchandising and ad- vertising, was elected veepee Mid CRDC board member and named to the new post of Director of Merchandising Planning. All de- partment heads of CROC's new merchandising and advertising op- eration will report to Tallant.

Robert Camp, former assistant to the CRI Director ol Sales, was distribution, merchandising, promo- i l,oo. Advertising and display Thus, named jlirecior ol sales planning for the first time in Capitol's his- tory the two basic operations — production and stlo ' will be sep- arated between the two corpora- tions. Maillunrf Prcxy Art Duncan, former CRI Direc- tor of Market Research, was named Director of Market Planning. CROC's operating wing will be headed by Bud Schuster, former CRI National Phonograph Admin- istrator, who was elected a CRIX' Mike Mainland, who for the past veepee in charge ol Distribution, year served as veepee in charge of ( aruI l0 lhc dKtribuline corpora- CRU Sales & Merchandising Divi- tion - s f^ard. In this position, he ston. Was elected prcs.dent of win ^ jn chargc ot S., L.

He replaces Glenn Wat operations with all district sales hchs. Who resigned from the top managers and regional operating ( RIX post WaJbchs retains his managers reporting to him. He position on the CRDC board, holds exec responsibilitv lor the which now will also include Mail- distribution of alt products han- bnd.nd several top CRDC execs. ■ d cd bv CRDC. Inch-dine portable itself is being reorgan- phonos.

FDS stereo consoles, and CRIX teed into two separate wings — planning and operating. The first consists ol 1 stall of four planning directors who will maintain a-con- tinuous study of CRDC plans and procedures ami mapping new pro- grams. The latter will execute these plans b> placing them into operation. Maitland hopes this will result in a highly flexible or- ganization, capable of moving quiekh in any direction demanded by bunching of new products or changes in market conditions. Exec Planning Group Maitland's p *e planning group consists of the lollowing: Stephen Strohman. Former Na- tional Operations Manager, was all other product lines which may be channeled thru CRDC in the future.

Department heads reporting to Schuster include: Bill Mikels, newly named Na- 1 - - AGVA-DINERS' CLUB TO SET UP 'JOEY' AWARD NEW YORK — The Amer- ican Guild of Variety Artists and the Diners' Club. Are jointly setting up a scries of annual awards to honor the best performers in the variety entertainment field. The first 5 of the award-s — tor the best performers in 1 959 will be presented February 17 at a dinner in the Grand Ball- room of the Astor Hotel here. Awards will be made for the best male and female sing- ers, most promising male and female singers, best male and female comics, most promising male and female comics, per- sonalis of the year, best fe- male dancer, best dance team, best circus performer, best variety group, best chorus line and an international award lor the best internationally - known performer.

A nominating committee of M members will be polled tor its nominee! Tor the awards: then the list will be sent out to a large number of newspaper reporters and col- umnists. Touch copy for mac free

Pacetune Photo Editor For Mac Mini Is Free Online

Their votes will de- cide the winners. The AGVA- Dincrs' Club Awards have been named 'Joeys.' In honor of AGVA's newly - installed president. Comedian Joey Adams.

I he February 17 dinner will also honor comedian At Kellv. Tickets are tagged at $50 'each to help raise $100,- 000 which is needed to open ACiVA's home for old and indigent varietv performers at Fallsburg, N. ASCAP, BMI Set For All-Out Fight Both Groups Swing Payola Charge Haymakers; Comm. Asks Proof Bi Mil DM I) HALL WASHINGTON — It will be a no - holds - barred fight between ASCAP and Broadcast Music. From here on out. BMI came out swinging at last week's Federal Communications Commission hear- ings, and asked lor time to trade punches in (he wake of the 'un- justified attack' by the American ogni/ed caliber in the industry had denied that payola was wide- spread.