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Outlook 2016 For Mac Archiving

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Gmail’s archiving feature to Microsoft Outlook Gmail is certainly by far one of the best known mailing platforms and has plethora of handy options available. One such is its archive option which allows you to hide your mails from the inbox or the sent folder.

The online archive folder, available from the Outlook for Mac 2016 navigation pane, provides access to the archived messages, when required, while trimming the actual mailbox's size.

Certainly the mail will be visible when seen in all mails. You could either select the mail and mark it archive or just simply press the ‘e’ button on your keyboard and the purpose is solved. While Gmail seems so easy and convenient Microsoft’s outlook doesn’t have this handy feature. In this article we aim to help you to feel the same comfort while using your outlook account as well. Step 1: Open your Microsoft Outlook account and select any email and move the selected mail to another outlook folder. The simplest way to do this is by selecting the mail and then pressing Ctrl+shift+M.

Step 2: Once you have selected the mail a pop will appear on your screen. If you are using Gmail with outlook, type all mail in the window to select the archive folder.

See the picture below. You can even type the name of some other folder which you intend to use for archiving messages. Click move to the selected message.

Step 3: From the outlook menu present on the top of your screen, click on the message option. In message go to the move option. Make an exact note of the highlighted option corresponding to the folder that you have chosen. Step 4: From the apple menu, select system preferences and click on the keyboard option. Click on shortcuts and then App Shortcuts and then finally click on Add. Chose Microsoft Outlook in the Application option from the dropdown menu.


Type the exact menu name as selected in the previous step and put the Keyboard shortcut as Ctrl+E. Step 5: Click on add to create a shortcut and then select multiple mails and press Ctrl+E. Firefox for mac 10.10.

If you have followed the steps rightly, your mails will successfully get archived. Hence we see how just in 4 simple steps you created a shortcut for your Outlook and made it as comfortable as Gmail without any type of scripting. Let us know what you think via comments below. Please, don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter, you can also like us at, Follow us on Google+.