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Office For Mac 2016 Does Not Display Text

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Jan 21, 2016 - Office 2016 for Windows (“WinOffice 2016”); Office 2016 for Mac (“MacOffice 2016”). Note that because the tables lists differences, no row of the table will be all. In Word, this is non-contiguous text selections; in Excel this is. Microsoft Office 2016 for the Mac is the kind of upgrade I hope for but rarely get. The main difference in Home and Student is that it does not include Outlook or Access. Mac-Native The suite also gets Mac-native features like pinch-to-zoom as well as support for Retina displays, so text and graphics.

PowerpPoint 15.18 running on OS X 10.11.3 (El Capitan), when I go into Screen Show on a 2 monitor set up, is no longer working properly. My standard setup for meetings is: • Main display (Macbook retina) • External display (projector in conference room) When I launch into screen show, does not appear to matter in terms of which screen, I get initially a screen: but it either entirely fails to show the presentation (external) screen show, or overlays fairly quickly the above with the presentation. If I manage to hit the icon that says swap displays, before it is overlaid, quickly enough, it will move that to the external (2nd) display, and another swap screen will actually do things correctly, swapping and showing them both. But obviously I would much prefer having the two screen mode operate in two screen mode, rather than having to do all this juggling around (which takes a lot of time in the meeting).

• Anyone else seen this? • Figured out a setting or preference or way to avoid it occurring? Yes, thank you for the suggestion. I am familiar with the presentation in a Window approach, and that does work (though I would really prefer not to have to tweak each slide deck - that takes time and interferes with the flow of the presentations), but only in the sense that the presentation can be made to show up on the external (2nd) screen. T-shirt mockup template free download for mac. PowePpoint 2016, however, in this mode does not show on two screens, you can only see the presentation on the 2nd screen, not the speaker notes, upcoming slide, etc.

So it is not a fix for the problem. For the record, • PowerPoint/Preferences • Slideshow • Uncheck 'Always start Presenter View with 2 displays' Also works to an extent, you get the presentation on both the primary and 2nd display.

And it has the advantage of the setting is sticky, works across multiple presentations, but that said, it does not get me what I want which is: • Primary screen shows Speaker notes and upcoming presentation, i.e.: • The second (external screen shows): Let me note that this all used to work fine, that this is at least for me, broken only with the recent PowerPoint release. What I generally get, is that instead of showing the presentation on the 2nd. External (projector) screen, it shows for a second or two the speaker notes on the primary (internal) screen, then overlays them with the presentation. Instead of going to the external screen, it goes to the internal. It does not matter which screen I start the presentation from, neither work. If I start on the external screen, what I see on the internal initially is the speaker note screen, but the presentation (screen show) either does not show at all, or overlays that.