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Age Of Empires For Mac

среда 16 января admin 33
Age Of Empires For Mac Rating: 9,9/10 2114 votes

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I have the newest 15 inch macbook pro, and I was wondering if I will be able to comfortably run AOE2. I'm not super smart with computers, so I'm not totally sure if the system requirements are met. It's the stock model, nothing has been upgraded. Also, how do I go about playing this game on my mac? I was looking around and I saw that a company called Macsoft had created a mac version of the game around 2007 2008, but it seems to be discontinued. Html signature microsoft outlook 2017 for mac free

Is there any easy way I can play this game? By the way, any information on Age of Empires III would also be greatly appreciated. I've been going through severe withdrawal from the AOE franchise ever since I switched from PC to Mac, and I just want to start playing it again.