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Mp3 Downloader Free For Mp3 Eclipse Fit Bit On A Mac

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Mp3 Downloader Free For Mp3 Eclipse Fit Bit On A Mac Rating: 6,3/10 7497 votes
Mp3 downloader free for mp3 eclipse fit bit on a mac download

1 Manuals page for various Eclipse products: The specific manual for the 180 Pro: Fit Clip manual (CLD MP3) Fit Clip Plus manual (BL 8GB) If any of those links go down in the future, don't despair; the 180 Pro and Fitclip manuals were captured by the Internet Wayback Machine (180 Pro archived manual: Fit Clip Plus (CLD MP3) archived manual: Fit Clip (T180 or SZM-P4061) archived manual: The following information is as of 2015-09-02: I was as frustrated as all of you (spent over an hour searching for the manual to my 180 Pro but all I got were spam sites at first). The link the company provides in the included documentation (404's, & if you remove the /support it just redirects you to the corporate site of what I can only assume is the company that bought out the manufacturer some time last year (Trio Tablets). The link that the included leaflet gives for additional customer support ( seems to be a 3rd party, subsidiary, or parent company of either Eclipse or Trio (honestly don't care enough to check). While jlab 'sells' the 180 Pro player, it's listed as 'sold out' (and none of the Eclipse players are listed on their manual page (This was a pain in the @$$, but worth it; these players have been in stores for years now and from what I can gather it seems like they were all one-shot production runs from China where they cut costs by not including the manual, then the product sat on shelves for so long that the customer support info they *did* include went out of date.

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