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Microsoft Word For Mac 2011 Creating Forms

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Note: This was originally written for Microsoft Word 97 and 2000 for Windows. The basic approach still work with Office 2010 PC and Office 2011 Mac. The main differences are that newer versions of Office include further security for files containing macros.

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I asked the following question on the Word IT Pro Discussions forum in error. I was asked to move my inquires regarding this issue to this form. Here’s my original question: I have been sent a few form documents created in Microsoft Word which contain drop down fields that provide fill-in options upon hovering over those fields on the form. These form documents end in '.docx'. I do not own Microsoft Word for Mac, but am considering buying it or signing up for the Office 365 service for Mac so that I can fill in these fields using the drop down options.

My question is: Will Microsoft Word for Mac or the Office 365 for Mac service allow me to use the drop down fields that provide fill-in options upon hovering? Or is this feature not available when using either Microsoft Word for Mac or the Office 365 service on a Mac? Any advice would be appreciated. -William I initially thought the response below answered my question: Any current version of Word will allow you to access whatever controls are being used in the documents you've seen. None of them provides a hover-text facility, however.

If it's a drop-down or combo-box content control, you have to click on the control, then its down arrow to expand the options. Nevertheless, it is possible to simulate hover text via the use of a hyperlink attached to the control's range, but that's not the same as adding to the control, per se. Regardless, any current version of Word should display that hover text the same way.

Cheers Paul Edstein [MS MVP - Word] So, I purchased Office 365, but. School photo software for mac. Nevertheless, the form fields do not work as indicated. I know they do indeed work when using MS Word on a Windows PC because I have opened them on the Windows PC at my local library and they worked great.

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Unfortunately, I need to use these at my place of work - probably filling out 8-10 a day. Using my library is not a workable solution. My Question: Does anyone know how to get these fields to work on Office 365 for Mac? I’ve added a photo of one of the form fields just incase that helps. BTW, on the top of each form they clearly indicate: “Instructions: Hover over the underlines fields to select an option or fill in the shaded text boxes.” [and that’s exactly how they work on a Windows PC at my local libary] Thanks again, William. Regrettably, there appears to have been a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. What I see in the photo appears to be either a Combo Box or Drop Down List Content Control.

As with most Content Controls, neither of those are functional in any version of Mac Word. 'Office 365' makes no difference because the web apps cannot open Protected forms -- they must be opened by the locally installed program, which on a Mac would be Word 2011.