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As the author of the Adobe Creative Cloud for Dummies, and a 20 year user of Adobe’s digital design tools, I’m often asked the question: what’s the best computer for Adobe Creative Cloud? Sometimes the question is phrased slightly differently: Is a Mac or Windows PC better for Adobe Creative Cloud? Regardless of how the question is asked, the answer depends upon a number of factors that are described below.

Oct 8, 2014 - Windows/Mac: If you're not in need of the latest and greatest Adobe. Clean, simple art often seen in clipart, web graphics, and a lot of print art. Jun 11, 2018 - Adobe Illustrator is a hugely popular tool for designing vector graphics, logos, icons, and more. An Open Clip Art Library, as well as illustrator tools including pens. Platform: Mac app, Windows app, Chrome app, Web app.

If you are looking for the short-list of favorite computers for Creative Cloud, we've included it here as well, listing both desktop computers and laptops. Best Computers for Creative Cloud 2018, Laptops and Desktops: • Microsoft Surface Book 2 • Apple MacBook Pro • Acer Aspire V17 Nitro • Lenovo Z70 • Asus ROG G752VL • Microsoft Surface Studio 2 • Apple iMac Mac or PC for Adobe Creative Cloud Since the advent of the Creative Suite, now known as the Creative Cloud, Adobe has done a good job of making their tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign quite similar in the way they operate across these two platforms. The tools, menus, options, and panels are all located in the same place in both the Mac and Windows versions of Adobe Creative Cloud. You don’t give-up anything when using the Creative Cloud on either the Mac or Windows operating systems. This makes the Mac vs. Windows for the Creative Cloud question much less relevant. Skype for business mac user guide.

There are more important questions if you are trying to decide between using Creative Cloud on either a Mac or Windows PC. Will you be using Adobe Creative Cloud as part of a corporate computer environment? If so, does the IT department support both Mac and Windows operating systems? If they only support one, then you’ll save yourself many headaches and the trouble of self-help by selecting the environment that they support. If you are comfortable being your own IT support staff, then you’re free to select the platform of your choice. But because of the similarities between the Creative Cloud on both Mac and Windows, there is no reason to argue strongly for one platform or the other.

The other deciding factor in whether you will want to work on Mac or PC is whether you have exceptionally strong skills in one operating system or the other. If you live in the Windows operating system or have a deep love for everything Mac, then you should continue to use these systems. At American Graphics Institute, both Mac OS and Windows computers are used for the various, even within the same class. Although students pick the platform of their choice, once the Adobe Creative Cloud applications are started, students in or generally can’t tell the difference between the Mac and Windows versions because Adobe has worked diligently to keep their appearance and functionality so they are identical. Best Computers for Adobe Creative Cloud The Adobe Creative Cloud tools tend to be used for more graphics than your typical office app. Creating a brochure using InDesign or editing a photo with Photoshop require certain aspects of your computer to have more capabilities than a spreadsheet or an email app. Any computer, whether a Mac or PC, will need three key components: a fast processor, enough RAM memory, and an adequate video processor.