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Excel For Mac 2011 Upper Caps

суббота 03 ноября admin 30
Excel For Mac 2011 Upper Caps Rating: 7,4/10 1869 votes

How to use kindle for mac. Here's a good side-by-side comparison page. Excel is one of the few programs that has keyboard shortcuts programmed in, otherwise, it's exactly as padas said. You will be missing many keyboard shortcuts from many programs or you'll be needing to press extra keys to get the same functionality. Office is first done on the Windows platform, then ported to Mac and they did a good job with retaining the keyboard shortcuts. Mac's were designed with the mouse as the primary UI, so it has always been missing useful built-in keyboard shortcuts.

They want you to use the mouse and get RSI. You can use ctrl-F2 (fn-ctrl-F2 on the stupid default laptop setup) to get to the menu. Then use the first letter of the menu item to get to the next item. If there are duplicate starting letters it seems to go alphabetically instead of by menu order like windows does. I've been forced to use a Mac Laptop at work, and still hate it. You must remember to change the default settings. To make it bearable, I usually attach a mouse, keyboard and monitor.

Microsoft Excel provides following three worksheet functions for changing text case. UPPER case: Converts all lowercase letters in a text string to uppercase.

I also set the function keys to be function keys, since I actually use those much, much more than the stupid default multimedia crap. I do work with my computer, not spend my days watching videos.

You have to hold the function key to do page-up and page-down, both very useful keys that are missing on a Mac. The Mac laptop keyboard layout is just broken/crippled for real work use.