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Micro Office For Mac Student Discount

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If you work in the military or any other large organization, you are probably familiar with Microsoft Office products. In fact, there is a good chance you use it in your daily work activities. The good news, is Microsoft and your organization both want you to be proficient with Microsoft Office so they have partnered together to give you access to Office at a discount through the Microsoft Home Use Program. Offer Details: The Microsoft Home Use Program is a benefit of Microsoft’s Volume Licensing programs. Organizations that participate in volume licensing programs have the option of offering extended licenses to their employees. If you are an active member of the US Military, then you can participate in this offer. How Microsoft Home Use Program Works Use your approved email address to claim your license for just $9.95 for either Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 for PC, or Office 2011 for MAC but not both.

You can purchase the license now and use it in the future. Each license is valid for 2 installations. You may also have the option of purchasing additional items at $9.95 per download, including: • Office Language Pack 2013 • Visio Professional 2013 • Project Standard 2013 Download only: This offer only includes the downloaded software, it does not include the backup media. Best audio file editor for mac.

You can purchase the backup disks for $13.99. This is a personal decision, and not a requirement. If you are going to install the software right away, then you may not need the media. Just be sure to save the digital download and back up your saved version. Otherwise, an additional $13.99 isn’t a huge outlay for the physical copy of the software. Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 includes: • Word 2013 • PowerPoint 2013 • Excel 2013 • One Note 2013 • Outlook 2013 • Access 2013 • Publisher 2013 • InfoPath 2013 • Lync 2013 Note: Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 is only compatible with Windows 7 and 8. It is not compatible with previous Windows versions.

Microsoft office for mac military discount

Office 2011 for Mac includes: • Microsoft Word • PowerPoint • Excel • Outlook Remember, you can only purchase a license for the Windows version, or the Mac version, not both. Military Discount Eligibility • Step 1:.

• Step 2: Enter your approved email address, for Military members this would be email address. • Step 3: Upon validation of your email, you will receive an e-mail from Microsoft with a link to access the store to purchase. Click the “buy now” link. • Step 4: Choose product and proceed to checkout. Don’t forget to include your personal email address on the billing page in order to access the download link from your home computer. How to check a pdf for malware Do not click “install” on your work computer device.

• Step 5: Once home, click through the receipt email to install the software. Note: the product key in the email is necessary for installation. Microsoft Office Discount for Non-Military Members No Longer in the Military? You may be eligible if your current employer participates in the Home Use Program. There are over 40,000 companies and organizations worldwide that participate in Microsoft’s Home Use Program. This includes many large companies, government organizations, and more.